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Teen Nutrition. What's the Big Debate? (Canadian Rainbow Edition)

There's no debate that healthy eating is good for you, but too often teens who have choices don't make smart choices when it comes to food and activity. Two high school classmates prepare for a debate on healthy eating, a nutritionist gives advice and student interviews give a "real life" view of...

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Writing with Purpose

In this program, Kelly teaches a class of seniors how understanding the purpose of any piece of writing helps both readers and writers. He models how a purpose chart can be used to generate 25 different writing topics from one person's life. Viewers will also see the elements in place in Kelly's ...

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The Importance of Modeling

In this program, Kelly models how to find and develop a writing topic with his ninth-grade students. Students then complete a writing "blast" or "sneeze" and use this writing for a "question flood" with peers. On the second day, students use the STAR (Substitute, Take out, Add, Rearrange) revisio...

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Assessment That Drives Better Student Writing

In this program, Kelly works from the first drafts of his ninth-grade students' Romeo and Juliet essays to build a rubric. The rubric includes required elements for the whole group as well as individual components based on emerging student needs.

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Second Draft Reading

Revisiting a text helps students uncover its deeper layers of meaning. Kelly demonstrates numerous strategies that help students move past an "I read it once; I'm done" mentality and into richer second draft reading. He also discusses the importance assessment plays in planning an effective readi...

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First Draft Reading

Adolescent readers often adopt one of two universal strategies when they are confronted with difficult text: they either quit or dutifully continue, even though they do not understand what they are reading. In this program, Kelly models a number of useful strategies to help students not only moni...

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One Question, One Comment

In this bonus segment, students share either a comment or question about their reading of Lord of the Flies.

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The Six Building Blocks

Before we teach students how to read better, we need to help them understand why they should be readers. Kelly outlines his six blocks for motivating students to read more - both recreationally and academically. He models specific classroom lessons that help students to internalize the value of r...

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Advertising Layout I: Space Allocations

This program builds understanding of elements of art and principles of design as applied to the creation of magazine advertisements and posters. Examples demonstrate effective and ineffective advertising layout by addressing recommended space allocation for the illustration, headline, copy and lo...

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A Cup of Wine: 5 Poems from the Tang & Song Dynasties

Award-winning Canadian filmmaker Daniel Conrad collaborates with Canadian choreographer Wen Wei Wang to reimagine dance and poetry from the Tang and Song dynasties (960 to 1280 AD). Rather than reproducing historical choreography, this work revives ways of interpreting and savouring life and natu...

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Ted's Story: Honouring Melissa

'Ted's Story: Honouring Melissa' is a documentary that tells the story of Ted Gross' drunk driving conviction that took Melissa Hoeving's young life and the aftermath that followed. The documentary presents a balanced view of a tragedy that made headlines across Saskatchewan, taking viewers beyon...

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Innovation Nation Episode 2. Wind Power

Can the wind provide us with all of our power? Along with cutting-edge wind farms and new turbine designs, Innovation Nation meets inventor Doug Selsam as he builds the world's first flying turbine.

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Blind Spot: What Happened to Canada's Aboriginal Fathers?

This video program explores the issue of First Nations children who grow up without their fathers - the "blind spot." Two central themes in the program can lead to classroom discussion. First, the decimation of the buffalo stripped males of their role as providers and protectors. Moving First Nat...

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How Healthy are Canadians?

A recent poll showed that many Canadians are not as healthy as they think they are. They eat too much of the wrong foods, they don't exercise enough and a sizable majority complain about being tired all the time. This program examines these lifestyle problems and examines ways we can live healthi...

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Aboriginality re-imagines the strength and spirit of First Nations culture through narrative mediums that connect urban First Nations youth to their rural ancestral histories. Dallas Arcand, world champion hoop dancer and hip-hop artist, is inspired by both new and traditional elements of First N...