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Sexting: Sex Plus Text Equals Trouble

Using peer hosts and realistic vignettes, this program show teens the dangers of sexting: the act of posting and sending sexually explicit or sexually suggestive messages, photographs and videos. The program addresses possible consequences of sexting which could range from embarrassment to legal ...

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In this interview, the filmmaker Tessa Desnomie discusses her short film 'ati-wîhcasin (It's Getting Easier)'.

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Emma Lake with Degen Lindner

For more than seventy years University of Saskatchewan's Emma Lake Campus has been a meeting place for artists and thinkers from around the world. Saskatoon painter Degen Lindner invites us to her art studio at Emma Lake where she discusses how her father and nature inspire her artwork. Lindner w...

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Stanley Mission

This video tells the story of the oldest building in Saskatchewan, Stanley Mission, from its beginnings to its restoration in the 1980s to present day. Through interviews, on-site footage and photographs, Stanley Mission is explained as a centre to the community, the vision of its creator and hav...

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Design. All About Color

In this program, interior designer Brandi Hagen addresses the history and development of colour theories, the colour wheel, warm and cool colours, and colour schemes in clothing and interior design. She provides examples for concepts and terminology used in colour theory (e.g., hue, value, chroma...

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Three Dance Films by Daniel Conrad

Afternoon of the Chimeras (15 min.): Shot in the extreme isolation of Haida Gwaii off the northwest coast of BC, this dance film features the choreography of Aszure Barton. Afternoon of the Chimeras features Barton's tribal rawness and demanding choreography, as dancers in the form of chimeras - ...

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Preston Singletary

Seattle artist, Preston Singletary, has been referred to as "bridge artist" between the artistic traditions of the Northwest Coast and glassmakers. He discusses his Tlingit/Filipino heritage, his love of music and shows several of his works in progress.

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Teen Nutrition. What's the Big Debate? (Canadian Rainbow Edition)

There's no debate that healthy eating is good for you, but too often teens who have choices don't make smart choices when it comes to food and activity. Two high school classmates prepare for a debate on healthy eating, a nutritionist gives advice and student interviews give a "real life" view of...

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Modern Indigenous Aboriginal Native-Indian Type Dude. Jordan Wheeler

Part of the Storytellers in Motion series, this video looks at Jordan Wheeler. Wheeler began is career in print journalism at age 17. With over 25 years of experience as a professional writer, he describes the different forms of writing and methods of research he employs. Viewers are taken on a b...

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White Balance: The Work of Ronald Bloore

This documentary explores the inspiration, vision and commitment of Ronald Bloore, the "simple painter" whose work helps define the history of modern art in Canada. Ronald Bloore was 78 when this film was made in 2003. He has a passionate commitment to painting that is so intense that in a moment...

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Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Series: Safetycare
Workplaces are surrounded by a maze of electrical circuits, cables, conduits and extension cords delivering electricity to equipment, appliances and lights. Without a basic understanding of how electricity behaves and what effects electricity can have on the human body, it is difficult to underst...

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Aaron Paquette

A descendant of the Cree and Cherokee and Norwegian people, Edmonton artist Aaron Paquette was a troubled adolescent who drank, did drugs and hurt people. When his twin sons were born, he reunited with his father who had abandoned him and his mother and he turned his life around. He speaks of the...

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Kitohcikew. One Who Makes Music

This video chronicles Winston Wuttunee's life as a Cree leader, healer, entertainer and role model over the past three decades. The program features interviews, archival footage and photos. It emphasizes Wuttnee's "joy for the journey" healing influence and spirituality. His song "Hugs, Not Drugs...

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Safwan Javed

Thirty-year-old Safwan, Saf to his friends, came to Canada with his family from Peshawar, Pakistan. Saf achieved eventual stardom as one of the members of the well-known Canadian band, Wide Mouth Mason. Saf's well-educated, politically conscious parents have done their best to support his musical...

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The Prevention of Eye Injuries

Series: Safetycare
This program provides information on the essential facts and principles of eye safety in the workplace. It looks at the eye hazards that could exist in a workplace and how these hazards can be controlled to reduce the risk to an individual's eyes.