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Grade 8 Social Studies

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100th Anniversary of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building

This video outlines Saskatchewan's political history and how the legislature came to be built in Regina. Historical photographs, documents and interviews with politicians and historians enrich this documentary and shed light on what the legislative building represents in Saskatchewan's history an...

Families of Kenya

Each film in the Families of the World series compares and contrasts the daily lives of two children: one child growing up in the city to another of a child living in the country. In Families of Kenya, viewers meet Prince and John and learn about their culture, ways of life, communities, schools ...

Voices of Courage

This 2010 CTV Remembrance Day special features four veterans who share their personal experiences of war, carnage and courage, and the toll it has taken on their lives as survivors. The video features Pat Stogran, Canada's Veterans' Ombudsman, who shares his stories of serving in Bosnia and Afgha...

Tar Sands: Canada for Sale

Tar Sands: Canada for Sale captures the intersecting storyline of a remarkable cast of characters eager to cash in on the oil boom in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Washington lobbyists, pipefitters from Newfoundland, Chinese investors and Norwegian industrialists descend on tar-soaked Fort McMurray, a ...

Growth Rings: A Documentary

Large industry has a ripple effect; on the ecology, economy, and community of places, both large and small. Growth Rings is about places along BC's beautiful coastline, the people who live in them, and how these places change as a result of large industry involvement either close by, or far away ...

Hannah's Story

Hannah Taylor sees her first homeless person in Winnipeg at the age of five. Hannah constantly thinks and worries about the man - where is he staying and what he is eating. When Hannah turns eight, she establishes the Ladybug Foundation, Inc. Hannah speaks to politicians, business leaders, studen...

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Commemoration. Episode 8

The video focuses on commemoration and how Remembrance Day is an important part of our Canadian identity in recognizing the important role our service women and men had in shaping world events during the Second World War.

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Soldiers Return Home. Episode 7

In the video, Reg Harrison, a boy from the prairies, shares his personal story of challenges, risks and dangers faced while serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a pilot with the Bomber Command during the Second World War.

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Prisoners of War. Episode 4

In the video, Philip Favel recounts his experience as a veteran First Nations soldier, and describes the role played by Canada's First Nations men during the Second World War by joining the military without the support of their home communities.

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Aboriginal War Experiences. Episode 5

In the video, Henry Beaudry describes his experience as an imprisoned soldier and illustrates the bravery and contributions of First Nations soldiers in the Second World War.

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HMCS Regina. Episode 3

In the video, Donald MacIntosh, veteran and survivor of the HMCS Regina sinking, explores the role the Canadian Navy played in the Second World War and that of the corvettes in protecting convoys while experiencing great personal risks.

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Training and Preparing for War. Episode 1

The video explores the challenges, sense of duty and loyalty that veterans experienced as they trained and prepared for the Second World War.

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Price of Freedom. Episode 2

The video focuses on the cost of war to maintain Canada's freedoms as well as the price paid by soldiers in combat and as prisoners of war in the Second World War.

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Going Wild!: Natural Law for Kids

In Going Wild!, three youth spend the weekend with a Cree Elder and a police officer for a lesson about teamwork, responsibility and respect. The three youth do not trust each other and will not work together to build a lean-to. Rooted in the teachings of Cree Natural Law, Going Wild! seeks to br...

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An Introduction to the House of Commons (MPTV)

This program describes how Canada's government works. Filmed on location in Ottawa, students learn about the members of parliament and the basic structure and functions of the House of Commons. There is an interactive quiz at the end of the program. A teacher's guide is available.