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Level 10 Design Studies

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Design for Sustainability

The key message of this program is that sustainable design is the art of designing physical objects to comply with the principles of economic, social and ecological sustainability. It ranges from the microcosm of designing small objects for everyday use, through to the macrocosm of designing buil...

Design. All About Color

In this program, interior designer Brandi Hagen addresses the history and development of colour theories, the colour wheel, warm and cool colours, and colour schemes in clothing and interior design. She provides examples for concepts and terminology used in colour theory (e.g., hue, value, chroma...

Control Systems in Design and Technology

In this program, control systems are explained in language that is easily understood. The video introduces computer control systems, block diagrams, closed and open loop systems, microprocessors, sensors and actuators and emphasizes the importance of electronics to society. The potential of robot...

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Design 2. The Principles

The video presents the five elements of design which are balance, rhythm, proportion, emphasis and harmony. Many examples of each principle are presented visually. Examples come from art, architecture, fashion and many others. Principles are demonstrated thoroughly and reviewed. This is an excell...

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Design 1. The Elements

This video presents four elements of design which are line, shape, texture and colour. Each element is discussed and demonstrated through a multitude of examples from all areas of design including fashion, furniture, architecture and many others. All ideas are presented in simple language and rev...