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Grade 6 Social Studies

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The Dark Side of Chocolate

This video investigates how human trafficking, child labour and slavery fuel the chocolate industry. Southern Mali and cocoa plantations in Cote d'Ivoire are featured. Hidden cameras capture traffickers selling children to plantations for labour. In 2001, major chocolate manufacturers signed a si...

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Our Mother Earth

Mother Earth has been neglected and is in desperate need of care and attention. In this DVD program, young people from around the world bring Earth's plight to the forefront. The Earth is emitting a silent scream and humans are not listening to the language of nature. The young people in the prog...

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North to Freedom: The Underground Railroad to Canada

In this video, students learn about the "passengers" and "conductors" of the underground railroad system. In the U.S., the end to slavery was gradual. Sometimes children would be declared free, while their parents were still slaves. Canada did not have fugitive slaves laws, which made the country...

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Nelson Mandela

This video provides an overview of Nelson Mandela's activism and struggles for equality. Nelson pays a heavy price to become the first Black president of South Africa. He is imprisoned for 27 years for fighting against apartheid. After his release from prison, Nelson leads his political party in ...

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Circle of Friends

This video examines the story of five children who have been affected by AIDS. The five children, Jessie, Chimwemwe, Lute, Benson, and Benwell, reside in Malawi. Each child has lost one or more parents to death from AIDS. The children live in poverty and need to take on more responsibility and pr...

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Remembrance Day

This video examines the history of Remembrance Day. The first Remembrance Day was held in 1919 to commemorate the end of the First World War. This video includes footage of scenes in the air, at sea and in the trenches. There are voice excerpts from Churchill and Hitler, a reading from the poem I...

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If the World Were a Village

This video invites readers to imagine the world as a village of 100 people. It compares the villagers using quantitative data on their religion, language, nationality, population growth and access to resources. The statistics challenge the viewer to analyze the numerical comparisons and relate th...