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The Real Story of the King's Speech

The British movie, The King's Speech, is the big winner at the Academy Awards ceremony. It tells the story of King George VI's struggle to overcome a speech impediment. This video examines how much of the film is history, and how much is Hollywood.

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 2, Episode 7. Ray

In 1967, Ray Ramayya arrived from India with his wife and son. Educated as a teacher in his homeland, Ray taught, then re-entered school where he gained his Ph.D. as an educational psychologist. Settling in La Ronge in 1979 with his family, Ray began his career as the Regional Superintendent of E...

Don't Risk Your Life

Series: Ready for Work
Don't Risk Your Life is a short educational drama that helps to educate young people about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Young people tell their personal experiences of being injured on the job. Family members share their stories of having lost a loved one. New workers and e...

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