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Ask Artists Episode 6: “Move It” Movement (Part 4: Dance Performance) - Mitchell Larsen

Series: Ask Artists
Mitchell presents a performance they created with the combination of exercises and ends with “10 Things” (that they turn into 14 Things), with a list of advice, wisdom, lived experience, dos and don’ts, etc.

Ask Artists Episode 6: “Move It” Movement (Part 3: Creating a Dance) - Mitchell Larsen

Series: Ask Artists
Part 3 is an extension of Part 2 with additional activities, explanation, and discussion.

Ask Artists Episode 6: “Move It” Movement (Part 2: Getting Comfortable with Movement) - Mitchell Larsen

Series: Ask Artists
Mitchell introduces their practice with featured exercises, skill building, creation techniques, and artistic discussion.

Ask Artists Episode 6: “Move It” Movement (Part 1: Meet The Artist) - Mitchell Larsen

Series: Ask Artists
Mitchell addresses students with an introduction to their practice; sharing advise, guidance and anecdotes.

Flow Poetry with ecoaboriginal. Grades 5, 6, 7 & 8

Series: LIVE Arts
Join spoken word poet Janelle “ecoaborijanelle” Pewapsconias. Using flow poetry, you and your students will explore our Saskatchewan watersheds and water systems as a topic of focus for poetic expression and scientific inquiry. The broadcast will include performances by the artist as well as opp...

Spontaneous Story with Jayden Pfeifer. Grades 7 & 8

Series: LIVE Arts
Join theatre artist Jayden Pfeifer as we explore the skills of improvisation! Jayden will work with the students to exercise their improv muscles. Practice availability, listening, accepting, supporting, and creative expression in a supportive group environment. This active and spontaneous storyt...

Eekwol’s Rhythm and Rap Show ft. Lindsay Knight. Grades 6, 7 & 8

Series: LIVE Arts
Lindsay “Eekwol” Knight has been creating and performing hip hop music for many years. As an Indigenous artist, she draws on life experiences and collective histories within her work. As a mother she embraces the teachings of living in a good way for future generations. Eekwol engages schools in ...

What’s the Difference Between Me & You? with Kris Alvarez - Grades 7-8

Series: LIVE Arts
Join theatre artist Kris Alvarez on this playful creative journey. On our quest, we will explore collaboratively and independently to find true connections, true voices, while collectively creating. Get ready to move around and have a lot of fun in this class.

Drawing One Page Comics with Allan Dotson - Grades 5-8

Series: LIVE Arts
Allan Dotson is a comics artist and fantasy illustrator. In this program students will be led through drawing a one-page comic. Students will learn how to pencil and ink a close-up, long shot, and action shot on paper. Follow along with Allan’s teachings and get ready to draw a one page comic of ...

Dream Big Special Features

This series of special features may be used to provide enrichment to Dream Big and include behind-the-scenes videos and educational webisodes on engineering topics.

Dream Big

This film highlights the many ways in which engineers tackle problems big and small and explores how the principles of engineering can create a better future for all. Three female engineers are specifically profiled: one who specializes in creating structures that can better sustain earthquakes, ...

Adventures of the Cycling Fox with Felipe Gomez. Grades 5, 6, 7 & 8

Series: LIVE Arts
Felipe Gomez shares his multimedia performance, "The Adventures of the Cycling Fox," a fusion of live music, spoken word and projections of video animations. During the video's activities, students learn to observe sound waves, patterns in music, rhythm and pitch. Felipe also demonstrates body pe...

Storyweaving with Michelle Olson and Yvette Nolan. Grades 6, 7 & 8

Series: LIVE Arts
Students are led through a process called storyweaving - a theatrical technique used by Spiderwoman Theater to share our own stories, using gesture, voice, song, movement and repetition. Yvette Nolan and Michelle Olson, both First Nations theatre artists, use this technique to create work to shar...

The Skills of Improvisation with Johanna Bundon & Jayden Pfeifer. Grade 7

Series: LIVE Arts
Johanna Bundon and Jayden Pfeifer explore the skills of improvisation. Exercise your improv muscles by practicing availability, listening, accepting, supporting and creative expression in a supportive, group environment. This is a physical workshop that takes an embodied approach to learning, pri...

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