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La Mu's Story. China

This episode features La Mu, a girl from Yunnan province in China. She shares what it's like to be part of the Mosuo tribe - one of the few remaining matriarchal societies in the world.

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Aboard the Pater Noster

First, some dancers ride on two non-stopping doorless elevators. Later, they ride a street car that cycles in a seemingly endless loop and react the car's jerky movements and the changing city light. They then dance on an outdoor walkway, inside an old building, on a deck and finally - outside of...

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Terry McCue

Series: From the Spirit
Self-taught Ojibway painter Terry McCue discusses his inspiration from his cousin Arthur Schilling, his struggle with alcohol, his lack of formal training and his success as an artist.

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Pow Wow

This intimate look at the Big River Cree powwow in northern Saskatchewan features behind-the-scenes visits with performers and Elders, as well as mesmerizing footage of many different types of dances, drumming and singing. Alvin Manitopyes explains the powwow's evolution from the age of the buffa...

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Inside the Outside. The Art of Paul Sisetski

Sisetski, a prolific and compelling painter, takes us on a journey through small town life - an environment critical to his development as an artist.

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Ross Powless. Lacrosse

Born in 1926, Ross Powless became a "warrior" of lacrosse by bringing excitement and interest back to the sport at a time when it was declining. Able to trace the birth of lacrosse back to his ancestors from Six Nations, Ross was encouraged to play fair and enjoy the game. He built his talent on ...

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Traditional Teachings Part 1. Chapter Three

Elder Thelma Musqua from the Keeseekoose Saulteaux First Nation shares stories and wisdom.

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Traditional Teachings Part 2. Chapter Nine

Elder Velma Goodfeather from the Standing Buffalo Dakota First Nation shares stories and wisdom.

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Chief Roger Adolph. Boxing

Roger Adolph got into a fight playing basketball at the Kamloops Indian Residential School. He won the Golden Gloves in 1964, 1965, and 1966, in Tacoma, Portland, and Seattle, then turned pro. After two and a half years in England, Roger ended his professional boxing career and returned home. Chi...

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That Incredible State

This video explores the precious period where notions and attitudes take shape in a child's mind, where questions come in waves, and the answers do not always make sense. Several visual artists, writers, and musicians recollect a time or an incident from their childhood that changed the way in wh...

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Eleven grade 7-8 students, from a remote First Nations B.C. village where suicide is prevalent, participate in an art project where they learn photography with professional artists. Their artworks are displayed at an exhibition in Vancouver and the students begin to develop self-confidence and re...

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Faozan's Story. Indonesia

This episode features Faozan, a boy who grew up in the rice fields of Java, Indonesia. A mud volcano has wiped out towns similar to his and has destroyed houses and schools in the area.

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Angela Chalmers. Distance Runner

Ranked one of the top three female middle distance runners in the world, Angela Chalmers competed in two Olympic Games. Angela was born in Manitoba and raised in Victoria where she carried the Canadian flag at the opening of the 1994 Commonwealth Games. Already a double-gold medalist, she would s...

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Three Families in India

Three families, from different regions and social backgrounds, provide insight into life in India. The first, small farmers are farmers near Pondichery. The second family are Muslims in Kanpur, the third family live in Mumbai. India is a country of varying contrasts - poverty, wealth, class syste...

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Folk Stage Dance

Series: Dance Alive
Choreographers of folk stage dance look back to the traditions of the mother country for inspiration while being influenced by the contemporary culture of their adopted homeland. This video features a Ukrainian dance group (Poltava Ensemble) and two of the oldest and most vital folk stage dance c...