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Teen Nutrition. What's the Big Debate? (Canadian Rainbow Edition)

There's no debate that healthy eating is good for you, but too often teens who have choices don't make smart choices when it comes to food and activity. Two high school classmates prepare for a debate on healthy eating, a nutritionist gives advice and student interviews give a "real life" view of...

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Rock Platforms: Study of an Ecosystem

This video explores the interrelationships of organisms within the rock platform ecosystem. It examines the ongoing life cycles within this environment where ocean meets rock and the adaptations of rock platform animals to their habitat. Abiotic and biotic characteristics are discussed, as well a...

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Fall Comes to Lac La Ronge

Fall Comes to Lac La Ronge is a 15 minute video produced by Randy Johns and Richard Frisky for KCDC. It details the cycle of the seasons as they slowly transform from the glory of summer to the splendour of fall. How various life forms prepare for fall is highlighted, including the migration patt...

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Aboriginality re-imagines the strength and spirit of First Nations culture through narrative mediums that connect urban First Nations youth to their rural ancestral histories. Dallas Arcand, world champion hoop dancer and hip-hop artist, is inspired by both new and traditional elements of First N...

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Waneek Horn-Miller. Water Polo

Waneek Horn-Miller was a member of the Canadian Women's Water Polo team that won gold at the 1999 Pan Am Games. Voted MVP, Waneek became co-captain and led her team at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Only ten years earlier, at age 14, she was struck to the ground by a soldier's bayonet during the Ok...

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Angela Chalmers. Distance Runner

Ranked one of the top three female middle distance runners in the world, Angela Chalmers competed in two Olympic Games. Angela was born in Manitoba and raised in Victoria where she carried the Canadian flag at the opening of the 1994 Commonwealth Games. Already a double-gold medalist, she would s...

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Billy Two Rivers. Wrestling

Wrestler Billy Two Rivers became famous internationally in the 1960s then parlayed his experience into the political arena. Elected to the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake for 20 years, he is now called upon for his experience and his wisdom. Today he is a senior policy and political advisor to the Na...

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Darren Zack. Fastpitch Softball

Darren Zack is a legend in the world of Fastpitch Softball. Nicknamed "Z Man" by his fans, he sets records at every level, pitching the most wins, strikeouts and consecutive scoreless innings, capturing three gold medals at the Pan Am Games. Darren actively promotes fastpitch by conducting pitchi...

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Sharon and Shirley Firth. Skating

Raised in the Northwest Territories, twin sisters Sharon and Shirley Firth were introduced to cross-country skiing at the age of 14. Their tenacity resulted in 80 medals at Canada's national championships, including 48 gold, 25 silver and seven bronze. They were the first women to represent Canad...

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Richard Peter. Wheelchair Basketball

Richard Peter is a dynamic wheelchair basketball champion. Competing on an international level, he and his team won gold at both the 2000 and 2004 Paralympic Games. A leader on and off the court, Richard Peter is a key spokesperson for BC Wheelchair Sports. He advocates a healthy and active lifes...

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Gino Odjick. Hockey

Gino Odjick made his NHL debut with the Vancouver Canucks and went on to become the league's top enforcer and a fan favourite, receiving extensive media exposure. Realizing he had become an important role model Gino turned his attention to First Nations youth. Speaking at workshops and conference...

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Fred Sasakamoose. Hockey

In 1953, Fred Sasakamoose became the first status Indian to play in the NHL. Known for his deadly slapshot, Fred was sometimes called "the reluctant Blackhawk" because he almost refused a contract with Chicago in favour of returning to Sandy Lake reserve. After only one season, he chose to leave ...

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Tom Longboat. Distance Runner

Tom Longboat won his first 15-mile race by a full three minutes at the age of 19. Then on April 19, 1907, against rain, slush, tough hills and 104 other entrants, Longboat won the Boston Marathon in record time. He competed in the marathon event at the 1908 Olympics, but collapsed just before mil...

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Yunjie's Story. China

This episode features Yunjie, a boy who is a native of China's Yunnan province. He explains the courting and marriage rituals of the Yi and Wa tribes and learn about communicating through objects as they do not have a written language.

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Triangles and Quadrilaterals

Series: Mathemania 3
Students will learn how triangles can be classified by side length and by angles. The different types of convex quadrilaterals are named and illustrated.