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The Real Story of the King's Speech

The British movie, The King's Speech, is the big winner at the Academy Awards ceremony. It tells the story of King George VI's struggle to overcome a speech impediment. This video examines how much of the film is history, and how much is Hollywood.

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Laura Milliken

This documentary features First Nations producer Laura Milliken who is one of the busiest and multi-faceted independent producers working in Canada today. As co-creator of Moccasin Flats, she fell into the dramatic and creative scene when the series aired on the APTN in 2003. The series was based...

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Dennis and Melanie Jackson

Dennis Jackson (Cree) and Melanie Jackson (Métis/Saulteaux) are award-winning writers, producers and directors. They combine their talents for creative storytelling with finely-honed production skills and a developed knack for business, moving between live-action documentaries and the imaginary w...

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Danis Goulet

Métis filmmaker Danis Goulet discusses her life and career. As the executive director and more recently the artistic director of the ImagineNATIVE Film and Arts Festival, she has much experience in the field of filmmaking. Goulet's short film Spin has screened at several festivals and she has rec...

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Starting Out. Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson (Anishinaabe) spent her early years as a "tough kid" growing up in Toronto and later moved to Vancouver, where she eventually studied Film at Simon Fraser University. This episode brings us to the 2007 Whistler Film Festival, and the world premiere of Lisa Jackson's television docume...

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Modern Indigenous Aboriginal Native-Indian Type Dude. Jordan Wheeler

Part of the Storytellers in Motion series, this video looks at Jordan Wheeler. Wheeler began is career in print journalism at age 17. With over 25 years of experience as a professional writer, he describes the different forms of writing and methods of research he employs. Viewers are taken on a b...

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Mi'kmaq Storyteller. Catherine Martin

Filmmaker Catherine Martin tells how storytelling was an important part of her family life. After making a short documentary on Maliseet artist Shirley Bean, Martin directed an NFB documentary, The Spirit of Annie Mae, which examines the execution-style murder of Annie Mae Pictou-Aquash in 1975. ...

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It's a Spiritual Thing. Rodger Ross

Rodger Ross (Cree) is an urban filmmaker and storyteller. His films and stories, and his belief system, come directly from the reserve, from his community and his people and from the Cree traditions and spirituality that guide him. He tells us, "I've never actually spent a night on my reserve, ir...

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From the Edge. Gil Cardinal

Gil Cardinal discusses his life and career as a filmmaker of drama and documentaries. Cardinal's work includes the documentaries Foster Child, David with FAS, and Totem: The Return of the G'psgolox Pole and the dramas Big Bear and North of 60. He speaks of the role of film as a vehicle for social...

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Inside a Recording Studio

When it comes to creating music, one of the most important and intriguing aspects of the whole process takes place inside the recording studio itself. This program is an essential resource for all students interested in pursuing music and sound recording as a future career. It covers a wide range...


In 1967, Ray Ramayya arrived from India with his wife and son. Educated as a teacher in his homeland, Ray taught, then re-entered school where he gained his Ph.D. as an educational psychologist. Settling in La Ronge in 1979 with his family, Ray began his career as the Regional Superintendent of E...

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How to Make Digital Stories

A digital story is a form of media that allows students to share their creative writing in a way that can be expressed through audio files, digital photos and imagery. It can be shared via email or downloadable link and can be stored on a CD, DVD, website, computer hard drive or other storage dev...

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Digital Movie Maker: Guidance From an Expert

This guide to producing professional-quality video helps students with their shooting, lighting and recording skills. It focuses on the real-world techniques of producer Bill Cote, a 25-year veteran of the television industry, who uses footage from a recently wrapped film to demonstrate proper eq...

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Film as Text

This program explores the cinematic techniques used by filmmakers to express the narrative conventions essential to telling a story. Using the film, Caravan, as a reference, this program serves as an introduction to the textual characteristics of a dramatic film, exploring the elements that film ...

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Caravan is a short drama about eight year old Saul who is abandoned by his mother at his grandmother's caravan in a deserted caravan park. Through stories that his Gran tells Saul with her playing cards, Gran teaches Saul that he has the choice to change the hand that life has dealt him. Later, S...