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Rebellion and Reform. Episode 7

By 1830, the struggle for democratic government in the colonies of British North America has reached a fever pitch. As the colonies grow in wealth and population, a generation of charismatic reformers - Joseph Howe in Nova Scotia, Louis-Joseph Papineau in Lower Canada and William Lyon Mackenzie i...

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The Pathfinders. Episode 6

The Canadian West is opened by the great fur-trading empires (Hudson's Bay and Northwest Companies), the Indigenous people who were their indispensable allies, and bold explorers and mapmakers: Pierre Esprit Radisson takes New France's trade far into the continent's interior creating an English t...

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A Question of Loyalties. Episode 5

At the beginning of the American Revolution (1775), American rebels invade Canada but les Canadiens refuse to take up arms against British rule, and the invasion ultimately fails. The mass migration of 40,000 Loyalists that follows creates an English-speaking Canada virtually overnight. When the ...

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When the World Began. Episode 1

This episode looks back more than 15,000 years at the history of the first occupants of the territory that would become Canada. From the rich resources of native oral history and archaeology come the stories of the first people - how dozens of distinct societies took shape, and how they encounter...

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From Sea to Sea. Episode 9

Confederation is barely accomplished when the new dominion must face an enormous challenge: extending its reach into the vast prairies and beyond, to the Pacific Ocean. Canada blunders catastrophically in seeking to take over the west without the consent of its inhabitants, especially the Métis o...

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The Great Enterprise. Episode 8

In a few short years, a handful of small and separate British colonies are transformed into a new nation that controls half the North American continent. The story of Confederation, its supporters and its bitter foes, is told against a backdrop of U.S. Civil War and Britain's growing determinatio...

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Battle for a Continent. Episode 4

A period of a little more than two decades in the mid-18th century changes the destiny of North America. England and France battle each other in the Seven Years' War, a conflict that begins as a clash between les Canadiens and land-hungry American settlers in the Ohio Valley and becomes a war tha...

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Claiming the Wilderness. Episode 3

A small French settlement in New France builds a flourishing society and stakes a claim to a massive continent between 1660 and 1750. New France's populace includes shop keepers, artisans, farmers and landlords, as well as fur-trading expansionists like Governor Frontenac and his commercial partn...

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Adventurers and Mystics. Episode 2

With the search for the Northwest Passage and the expansion of the Grand Banks fishery, Newfoundland and along the St. Lawrence soon became a destination for permanent European colonies. Samuel de Champlain begins his legendary journeys and the precarious beginnings of New France are established....