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Don't Stand By

Series: Bully Smart
Witnesses to bullying are just as guilty as the bullies themselves. Using the video-diary format, viewers follow four young students who witness bullying and do something about it. Students see four ways a bystander can stand up to a bully: stop a bully together, talk to the bully, be a friend an...

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Felix Feels Better

A young guinea pig named Felix becomes ill after eating too many chocolate blimpies. When Felix's supportive mother wants to consult a doctor about Felix's painful condition, Felix is afraid. To his delight, however, the visit with the doctor is not frightening at all. This video is an adaptation...

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Five Ways to Stop a Bully

Series: Bully Smart
Bullies are everywhere, but that does not mean they should be tolerated. This program shows victims and bystanders how to stop a bully. Viewers are guided through five strategies: stay away, stand up, put on a brave face, talk one-on-one, and tell an adult. In each scenario, viewers see what happ...

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Help! I'm a Bully

Series: Bully Smart
Bullying is a learned behaviour that can be changed. In this program, the kids themselves discover their bullying behaviour and successfully change it. Three scenarios are enacted: Help, I Spread Humours; Help, I Leave People; and Help, I Thought It Was Funny. Viewers develop a real sense of the ...

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Hidden Plague: Our Modern Epidemic

Filmed in Regina and Saskatoon, this 44-minute documentary features interviews with two doctors who work with AIDS patients, members of community groups that support First Nations people living with HIV/AIDS, Elders, frontline HIV/AIDS workers and people living with HIV/AIDS. This resource is pri...

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We All Get Mad Sometimes

What is anger? What gets you angry? What do you do when you get angry? These questions and more are explored in this entertaining program for young learners. Children learn what anger feels like and what happens to their bodies when they get angry. They come to understand that anger can make you ...

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How Do Dinosaurs Go to School? An Interview with Jane Yolen

This short video features an interview with Jane Yolen, the author of the children's book How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?

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8 Ways to Handle Anger (Without Hitting)

In this entertaining and information-packed program children learn that it's okay to feel angry and there are safe and appropriate ways to handle anger. Children learn that recognizing your angry feelings is the first step towards handling anger and that they can be in charge when they're able to...

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5 Ways to Work Things Out

Every day, young people face problems with friends, family and schoolmates. This program gives kids five strategies to help them resolve the problems they face in a safe and appropriate way. Children are taught that hitting is not a way to solve a problem and that fights can be avoided when they ...

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf. An Interview with Boris Kulikov

In this video, Boris Kulikov, the illustrator of children's book, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, is interviewed.

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Are You a Bully?

Series: Bully Smart
Kids can be bullies and not even realize it. Viewers learn that bullies are not always the kids who hit or intimidate. The program encourages students to recognize bullying behaviour in themselves. Viewers are introduced to five different bullies including Mark who thinks that tripping others on ...

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As Long as the River Flows

Series: Wapos Bay 2
In this episode, T-Bear takes advantage of the All Chief's Conference to raise the issue of elder care. T-Bear's father encourages him to run for National Youth Council president. Talon's ideas to assist the elders of Wapos Bay become the core issues of the election campaign. Talon is jealous of ...

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All's Fair

Series: Wapos Bay 2
Tryouts for the Aboriginal Winter Games hockey team are taking place when a new student, an Inuit boy named Elue Wetaluk, comes to Wapos Bay. T-Bear feels threatened by the newcomer's athletic ability and becomes very competitive. Meanwhile, Talon befriends Elue's visiting cousin, Jordin Tootoo, ...

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Teen Suicide. Breaking the Silence

Suicide is a major problem in Canada. Every day 10 Canadians take their own lives. Suicide is also the second leading cause of death among teenagers in this country. This program looks at a Canadian school where teenagers are encouraged to talk about their problems before they reach a breaking po...

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City of Gangs: Regina Grapples with Native Gang Problem

Series: W5
W5 looks at the rise of gangs in Regina, and the story of a young Aboriginal man who was murdered, having been caught up in a problem that's seeping from Canada's bigger cities into its smaller communities. The viewers learn about the impact of violence on self, family and community.