Grade 8 English Language Arts

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The Secret Path (animated film)

This is the animated film based on the graphic novel Secret Path by Gord Downie and illustrated by Jeff Lemire.


Ask Artists Episode 4: “Speak Up” Spoken Word (Part 4: Perspective with Peace) - Peace Akintade

Series: Ask Artists
Peace takes students on an inspirational journey of her own growth and different opportunities that helped her realize who she is and what she likes. She provides insight to fears she had when she was starting out and reminds students that they continue to grow with new opportunities as they are ...

Ask Artists Episode 4: “Speak Up” Spoken Word (Part 3: Performing with Peace) - Peace Akintade

Series: Ask Artists
Peace presents two of her poems and shares techniques that will help students get grounded as they prepare to present their poems to an audience.

Ask Artists Episode 4: “Speak Up” Spoken Word (Part 2: Writing with Peace) - Peace Akintade

Series: Ask Artists
Students will use their senses, draw upon imagery, and explore ways to create their own, personalized poems. Peace will introduce students to four different techniques/exercises to experiment with as they explore creating images with words.

Ask Artists Episode 4: “Speak Up” Spoken Word (Part 1: Meet The Artist) - Peace Akintade

Series: Ask Artists
Meet interdisciplinary artist Peace Akintade, Saskatchewan’s Youth Poet Laureate for 2020-21. Peace talks about her practice and discusses where she draws inspiration from. This includes music, observing interactions amongst people, and personal experiences as a young black immigrant and refugee ...

Supporting the Troops. Episode 6

The video investigates the importance of supporting the fighting forces through the merchant marine that transported many resources required to fight the enemy in the Second World War.

Commemoration. Episode 8

The video focuses on commemoration and how Remembrance Day is an important part of our Canadian identity in recognizing the important role our service women and men had in shaping world events during the Second World War.

Soldiers Return Home. Episode 7

In the video, Reg Harrison, a boy from the prairies, shares his personal story of challenges, risks and dangers faced while serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a pilot with the Bomber Command during the Second World War.

Prisoners of War. Episode 4

In the video, Henry Beaudry recounts his experience as a veteran First Nations soldier and describes the role played by Canada's First Nations men during the Second World War by joining the military without the support of their home communities.

Aboriginal War Experiences. Episode 5

In the video, Philip Favel describes his experience as an imprisoned soldier and illustrates the bravery and contributions of First Nations soldiers in the Second World War.

HMCS Regina. Episode 3

In the video, Donald MacIntosh, veteran and survivor of the HMCS Regina sinking, explores the role the Canadian Navy played in the Second World War and that of the corvettes in protecting convoys while experiencing great personal risks.

Training and Preparing for War. Episode 1

The video explores the challenges, sense of duty and loyalty that veterans experienced as they trained and prepared for the Second World War.

Price of Freedom. Episode 2

The video focuses on the cost of war to maintain Canada's freedoms as well as the price paid by soldiers in combat and as prisoners of war in the Second World War.

How People Got Fire

The video explores the connection between Grandma Kay and the village children. In Grandma Kay's kitchen, she tells the traditional narrative of how Crow brought fire to the people. The children learn about the past and its relationship to the present day.

Hana's Suitcase

Series: The National
The National produced a documentary based on CBC journalist Karen Levine's book Hana's Suitcase: A True Story. The book depicts a Japanese school teacher, Fumiko Ishioka, who decides to use the Holocaust as an educational tool. Using the suitcase of Hana Brady, a young girl who was sent to Auschw...

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