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Grade 3 Mathematics

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Uncle Norm learns how to double a recipe to prepare a meal for 8 people. This episode is about fractions, measurement (specifically volume), measurement tools and simple ratios. Recipes involve portioning and measuring, and the application of arithmetic skills such as adding, subtracting, multipl...

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Meeting the Standard

Tim the tool man teaches the Rads how to use precise measurements and the correct measuring tools to build a display case for the Uncle Norm's toy dinosaurs. This episode is about two of the most important frame of references used for linear measurement: the centimetre and the metre and the stand...

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Know When to Fold 'em

An origami artist shows Uncle Norm how to make the perfect pirate hat out of paper. This episode is about geometric patterns or "paper trails" in origami, in which different types of triangles, angles, polygons and line symmetry are visualized.

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It's About Time!

Kevin takes Uncle Norm to the Peace Tower clock above the Canadian Parliament Buildings. This episode is about the measurement of time and the units that are used to count elapsed time. Instruments for measuring time are introduced and meaning is given to the number system through the understandi...

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How Things Stack Up ... and Down

Vendors at the farmer's market vendors teach Uncle Norm and Kevin how they stack their products using growing and shrinking patterns. This episode is about growing and shrinking patterns - patterns in which every element in the pattern is related to the preceding element in the pattern in the sam...

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Anything with Anything

Kevin takes Uncle Norm to a construction site to meet a handyman who teaches him all about non-standard measurement, using found objects such as sticks, rope or even hands to measure. This episode is about non-standard measurement units and visual proportionality and reinforces the notion that re...

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Blockhead. The Life of Fibonacci

In this video, the life of Leonardo Fibonacci is examined. Living in medieval Italy, Leonardo constantly thought about numbers. People called him blockhead because he daydreamed about numbers. As Fibonacci grew older and travelled the world, he studied how other countries use numbers and how they...

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Landmark Numbers and Number Line

Series: Math Monsters
The Monster's castle is located on a highway between Positivity City and Negativityville. To help run their tow truck business, the Monsters develop a strategy to place Monster-meter signs at regular intervals. Students will learn about number line and the usefulness of landmark numbers

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Series: Math Monsters
The Math Monsters must pick and box all the gollywomple fruit in Aunt Two Lips' orchard. The Monsters must use estimation strategies to help them count the gollywomple fruit.

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Series: Math Monsters
After building a rocket, the Math Monsters must design a launch pad. They learn different strategies to figure out how many fire-proof tiles are needed for the launch pad.

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Math Curse. An Interview with Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith

This short video features an interview with the writer Jon Scieszka and the illustrator Lane Smith of the children's book Math Curse.

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Math Curse

When the math teacher, Mrs. Fibonnica explains to her class that students can think of almost anything as a math problem, one young girl takes the statement much too seriously. Suddenly, she is cursed with thinking of even the most insignificant activities as math problems that she must solve. Fi...

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The Lion's Share. Sharing My Story. A Conversation with Matthew McElligott

This short video features an interview with Matthew McElligott , the author of the children's book The Lion's Share: A Tale of Halving Cake and Eating It, Too.

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This added feature includes a brief description of how the cake in the story, The Lion's Share: A Tale of Halving Cake and Eating It, Too is halved and doubled.

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The Lion's Share: A Tale of Halving Cake and Eating It, Too

Ant receives a special invitation to dinner with Lion. Other animals attend the dinner, but their manners are horrible. When it comes to eat the birthday cake, the animals all take one-half of the birthday cake. When the cake reaches Ant, there is barely a crumb left for her to share with the Lio...