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Grade 9 Arts Education

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Oscar Peterson: Keeping the Groove Alive

With narration by Christopher Plummer, this video focuses on the life and career of one of the greatest jazz piano musicians, Oscar Peterson, who passed away in 2007. Through interviews with Peterson and others, viewers learn about the person behind the legend, including the discrimination he fac...

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Arctic Hip Hop

Capitalizing on the popularity of hip hop, social worker and long-time B-boy Stephen Leafloor has been bringing positive hip hop workshops to the north, this time to the remote hamlet of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. While dancing to the beat, kids are encouraged to blend their rich, ancient culture wi...

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The Road to Carnegie Hall: Introducing the YouTube Symphony Orchestra

Fledgling musicians meet masters of the symphonic art form in this behind-the-scenes look at a milestone Carnegie Hall event. The film profiles previously unknown artists who, after auditioning via the Internet, were subsequently invited to take part in the 2008 YouTube Symphony Orchestra, the fi...

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Understanding Brands

This program addresses what a brand is, the power of branding, what makes a brand, the creation and evolution of brands and the influence of brands. It defines and gives examples of corporate, family, individual and personal brands. Teens on a city street ask various passers by to identify brand ...

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Design. All About Color

In this program, interior designer Brandi Hagen addresses the history and development of colour theories, the colour wheel, warm and cool colours, and colour schemes in clothing and interior design. She provides examples for concepts and terminology used in colour theory (e.g., hue, value, chroma...

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Advertising Layout II: Visual Directions

This program builds understanding of how elements of art and principles of design are applied to the creation of magazine advertisements and posters. The program shows students how to attract a viewer's attention with the layout concepts commonly known as picture window, silhouette, square zero, ...

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Advertising Layout I: Space Allocations

This program builds understanding of elements of art and principles of design as applied to the creation of magazine advertisements and posters. Examples demonstrate effective and ineffective advertising layout by addressing recommended space allocation for the illustration, headline, copy and lo...

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Supporting the Troops. Episode 6

The video investigates the importance of supporting the fighting forces through the merchant marine that transported many resources required to fight the enemy in the Second World War.

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Price of Freedom. Episode 2

The video focuses on the cost of war to maintain Canada's freedoms as well as the price paid by soldiers in combat and as prisoners of war in the Second World War.

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Big Ideas in Arts Education: 6-9 Project Overview

This video explains how a committee of teachers from Living Sky School Division came together to create units to support selected outcomes in Arts Education Grades 6-9.

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Art Can Change the World. Assessment

The types of assessment used in this unit are explained, such as: self-assessment using photographs, peer assessment, a storyboard rubric and a tableau rubric.

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Art Can Change the World. The Process

This video discusses how student collaboration can bring out the talents in each student and make everyone feel comfortable expressing their ideas, including performing in front of other people.

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Art Can Change the World. Big Ideas

The big ideas contained in the unit are highlighted: art can open minds, art can evoke emotion and art can convey a message.

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Show Don't Tell. Big Ideas

This video highlights key ideas in the unit, including: theatre is collaborative and drama is a method to convey a message.

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Problem Solving Portraits. Assessment

This video highlights the types of assessment that are part of this unit, such as: journaling, checklists and various types of rubrics.