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Grade 5 Mathematics

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Thinking Inside the Box

Uncle Norm needs to mail a top secret package, but it is not a regular size and will not fit into an ordinary box. The Rads learn about certices, faces and edges and discover how to turn a flat 2-D template into a 3-D solid shape. Common mathematical solids (cube, prism, pyramid, sphere and cone)...

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Uncle Norm learns how to double a recipe to prepare a meal for 8 people. This episode is about fractions, measurement (specifically volume), measurement tools and simple ratios. Recipes involve portioning and measuring, and the application of arithmetic skills such as adding, subtracting, multipl...

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Going the Distance

Glenroy tells the Rads about distances and how athletes run around the track. This episode is about the metre and its relationship to the kilometre, which is demonstrated using measuring tools and real-world examples that illustrate how we measure linear distances.

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The Cubic Rube

Uncle Norm thinks he needs five cubic metres of soil to plant a tree in his backyard. At the nursery, a garden expert shows them how soil is measured. This episode is about the concept of volume, in particular, the cubic metre. It is emphasized that the m3 is a fundamental benchmark for 3D measur...

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Teaching for Numeracy

This video shows educators how to encourage students to learn and develop their numeracy skills. The activities are designed with a clear purpose, helping students to explore and think for themselves, show strategies and gain understanding. Opportunities are presented for students to share their ...

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Blockhead. The Life of Fibonacci

In this video, the life of Leonardo Fibonacci is examined. Living in medieval Italy, Leonardo constantly thought about numbers. People called him blockhead because he daydreamed about numbers. As Fibonacci grew older and travelled the world, he studied how other countries use numbers and how they...

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Math Curse. An Interview with Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith

This short video features an interview with the writer Jon Scieszka and the illustrator Lane Smith of the children's book Math Curse.

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Math Curse

When the math teacher, Mrs. Fibonnica explains to her class that students can think of almost anything as a math problem, one young girl takes the statement much too seriously. Suddenly, she is cursed with thinking of even the most insignificant activities as math problems that she must solve. Fi...