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Level 30 Mechanical and Automotive

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Don't Risk Your Life

Series: Ready for Work
Don't Risk Your Life is a short educational drama that helps to educate young people about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Young people tell their personal experiences of being injured on the job. Family members share their stories of having lost a loved one. New workers and e...

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Engine Reassembly

Series: Small Engines I
This program demonstrates how to put the engine back together, starting with the valves, tappets, and springs, and moving on to the cam shaft, side cover, and cylinder head.

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Engine Disassembly

Series: Small Engines I
This program demonstrates how to take an engine apart systematically while keeping everything clean and organized. The procedure starts with the gas tank, and moves onto the removal of engine oil, the air filter, recoil and fan shroud, carburetor, exhaust, starter, flywheel, muffler, cylinder hea...

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Four-Stroke Engine Operation

Series: Small Engines I
This program looks at an engine's five systems (fuel, ignition, cooling, exhaust and lubrication), their components, and operation. Also, it includes an explanation of the four strokes (intake, compression, power, and exhaust), and a demonstration with a cut-away engine for viewing the valves aft...

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The Basics

Series: Small Engines I
A look at some of the machines that use small gas engines (including an all-terrain vehicle, snowmobile, outboard motor, chain saw, generator, and pump); safety practices, including working in well-ventilated areas, and storing fuel in sealed containers; the right tools (and the right-sized tools...