News in Review: April 2011

The Uprising of Libya

Moammar Gadhafi ruled the North African country of Libya for more than 40 years. In February, 1011, the wave of protest that sweeps through the region catches up with him. There is a popular uprising and a vicious civil war erupts. This video examines the fighting and its impact on the rest of th...

Japan and the Nuclear Nightmare

A massive earthquake rocks a large area of northern Japan. The quake is followed by a huge tsunami that kills thousands of people and badly damages a nuclear power plant. This video looks at the quake aftermath and at the desperate attempts to prevent a nuclear catastrophe.

How Facebook Changed the World

Beginning as a college dorm project, Facebook is now an international giant. It has more than half a billion users, and Canadians are among its biggest fans. This video examines the rise of the social media giant and at the many ways it is changing the world.

Hockey and the Concussion Debate

A serious injury to an NHL superstar has focused attention on the problem of concussions. New studies show that concussions can damage the brain and have serious long-term effects. This program examines the study's findings and how they have reignited the debate about fighting and hockey. A teach...

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