News in Review: February 2012

The Horror and Fear of Honour Killing

A high-profile murder trial in Kingston, Ontario, draws attention to the phenomenon of so-called honour killing. It is a crime where cultural clashes can lead some families to murder their own relatives. This video examines this subject and look at how some Canadian women are living in fear.

The Emergency in Attawapiskat

The First Nations community of Attawapiskat declares a state of emergency. Many residents of the isolated Northern Ontario reserve are living in tents, trailers and temporary shelters, even as winter approaches. This video looks at the desperate state of that community and why it needs help.

Canada and the Jobless Crisis

Canada's unemployment rate rises to 7.5 per cent, its highest level since April 2011. Canada's economy appears to be stalling, and the situation is particularly bleak in the country's two largest provinces, Quebec and Ontario. This video examines the situation and look at how two Ontario cities a...

The Bloodbath in Syria

Hundreds of thousands of people are staging massive protests in the streets of Syria. They are demanding the resignation of the country's ruler, Bashar al-Assad. But his regime's response has been a bloody one, and thousands of protesters have been gunned down.

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