News in Review: April 2012

The Drug War in Mexico

For years, the Mexican government has been fighting that country's powerful drug cartel, and tens of thousands of people have been killed. This video looks at the drug war and why defeating the cartels is proving so difficult.

Generation One. Living in Two Worlds

Canada is a country of immigrants. This video explores "Generation One," children of immigrants who were born in Canada but are still heavily influenced by the cultures and traditions of the countries where their parents once resided.

Bill C-30 and Internet Policy

The federal government has tables a bill that many believe could threaten the civil rights of Canadians and the freedom of the Internet. Bill C-30 would require Internet service providers to gather information on their clients and allow police to access that information without a warrant.

Election 2011 and the Robocall Scandal

Allegations of illegal behaviour during the last federal election lead to a large-scale investigation. Thousands of Canadians received phone calls aimed at discouraging them from voting. This video discusses the political reaction and the search for those responsible.

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