One Red Paperclip: Venture's Dreamers and Schemers

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Meet the one-red-paperclip guy, Kyle MacDonald, a 26-year-old ex-geography student with a crazy scheme. In the summer of 2005, Kyle announced to the world he was going to trade a red paperclip for a house - with just his blog as a bartering tool. In one short year, this stunt took him from unemployment to international media darling, along the way attracting a popular radio deejay, a rock star, a movie producer and eventually a Saskatchewan municipal developer willing to talk real estate. He eventually traded up to a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan. Is Kyle the ultimate slacker or an internet marketing genius? Follow his roller-coaster ride and decide for yourself. This video shows how one good, well-executed idea can make dreams become a reality. It would stimulate a lively classroom discussion.



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