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Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 1, Episode 8. Monir Osmon

Monir and his three younger brothers escaped eventual military service in Eritrea when the family moved to Canada. While Monir comes from a traditional and humble family he and his brothers have become a break dancing force known as the "fysical breakdown crew."

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 1, Episode 12. Michelle Hugli

While Michelle was raised by a white family, she has always known of her Aboriginal roots. After she experienced a sweat lodge ceremony she began to explore her Aboriginal roots. She became a traditional dancer and was preparing to dance for the first time at a powwow in the Qu'Appelle Valley.

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 1, Episode 2. Linda Younan

Linda Younan at 18 has survived three wars and sees her recent arrival in Saskatchewan as an opportunity for a life she had not thought possible. As an Iraqi refugee she missed several years of school. She is now learning English, re-entering the school system and has a dream of attending univers...

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 1, Episode 1. Jay Dzeko

This series provides viewers with 'a week in the life' of the new face of Canada. Jay Dzeko fled war torn Bosnia and came to Moose Jaw where he set up a taxi business, the Golden Years Transportation Company. While his new life in Moose Jaw has not been without a few challenges, Jay is very pleas...

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 1, Episode 3. Jody Peters

Jody Peters, a rising star of comedy, was adopted by a Mennonite farm family in Saskatchewan. Jody relates what it was like to grow up as the only black person in an all-white small community. He talks about how humour can help one cope with problems of life. Jody tells his son that people are pe...

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 1, Episode 4. Bessie Pino

On September 11, 1973, when Bessie Pino was 15, she and her family in Chile listened to the radio as bombs from the Chilean army fell around their President, Salvadore Allende in the Presidental Palace as he gave his last address. The military coup that many Chileans feared was a reality. After 3...

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 1, Episode 5. Julie and Nichole

Julie works with Gay and Lesbian Health Services in Saskatoon and her girlfriend Nichole is a member of the activist group, Radical Cheerleaders, and host of Rainbow Radio. They have just moved in together and are anxious about the impending visit from Julie's parents.

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 1, Episode 13. Safwan Javed

Thirty-year-old Safwan, Saf to his friends, came to Canada with his family from Peshawar, Pakistan. Saf achieved eventual stardom as one of the members of the well-known Canadian band, Wide Mouth Mason. Saf's well-educated, politically conscious parents have done their best to support his musical...

The Power of Portfolio: Tool for Transition and Reflection: Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

The value of experiential and applied learning is captured in this educational video "info-session." The information provided helps to build more awareness at the secondary school level about the value of prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR) as well as the applicability of portfolios ...

Don't Risk Your Life

Series: Ready for Work
Don't Risk Your Life is a short educational drama that helps to educate young people about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Young people tell their personal experiences of being injured on the job. Family members share their stories of having lost a loved one. New workers and e...

John McCrae's War: In Flanders Fields

The First World War's terrible Second Battle of Ypres has just broken out in Belgium. Canadian troops, stationed along the Yser canal, are under heavy fire and the number of casualties is mounting. Among the dead is Alexis Helmer, killed early on the morning of May 2, 1915 - the victim of a direc...

Indian Territory. The Art of Edward Poitras

Poitras, an installation artist, examines the everyday experiences of culture as a Métis artist. His work can be described through historical, spiritual and political references, engaging the viewer on many levels.

Inside the Outside. The Art of Paul Sisetski

Sisetski, a prolific and compelling painter, takes us on a journey through small town life - an environment critical to his development as an artist.

A Road Less Travelled. The Art of Noella Thompson

Thompson, motivated by her relationship with history through her investigation of abandoned houses and churches, infuses her paintings with significance, moods and emotions. This program focuses on Thompson working in the small community of Outlook.

The Great Effect of the Imagination on the World. The Art of Brenda Francis Pelkey

Pelkey examines how making a personal environment with personal meanings conveys the magic of the imagination and inserts our individuality and humanity into our living spaces.

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