Level 20 Social Studies

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Prayer of Peace: Relief and Resistance in Burma's War Zone

This video discusses the Karen people and their struggle for survival in Burma. Over one million Karen villagers fight to stay alive inside Burma. Filmmaker Matt Blauer illegally crosses the border seven times as he assists aid workers. He interviews a nurse who is devoted to helping escapees fol...

The Tamil Boat People Controversy

In mid-August a merchant ship was intercepted off the coast of British Columbia. On board were almost 500 Sri Lankan Tamils, hoping to be granted refugee status in Canada. This video looks at their journey and why they left Sri Lanka and examines the controversy over what to do with them.

Nelson Mandela

This video provides an overview of Nelson Mandela's activism and struggles for equality. Nelson pays a heavy price to become the first Black president of South Africa. He is imprisoned for 27 years for fighting against apartheid. After his release from prison, Nelson leads his political party in ...

Milking the Rhino. Grazing

This is a thematic module based on the full length film, Milking the Rhino (N749).

Milking the Rhino. Human-Wildlife Conflicts

This is a thematic module based on the full-length film, Milking the Rhino (N749).

Milking the Rhino. Profiting From Conservation

This is a thematic module based on the full-length film, Milking the Rhino (N749).

Milking the Rhino

This video examines the human-wildlife co-existence in post-colonial Africa. Two African cultures are highlighted - Kenya's Maasai tribe and Namibia's Himba tribe. Both communities suffered under a century of "white man conservation" which turned lands into game reserves and took away the traditi...

The Gambia. Communities in Action

The documentary highlights the West African Rural Development (WARD) project. The project brings together Canadian educators with Gambians to train community development coordinators. The goal of the project is for the Gambian people to take responsibility for their community. The program also ex...

Addicted to Aid

This video examines Africa and the billions of dollars of foreign aid it has received. Africa is still one of the poorest countries in the world and the number of people living in poverty has doubled between 1981 and 2005. Have we become distracted by how much money to give to Africa and not paid...

Iran's Summer of Discontent

In early August, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was sworn in as President of Iran after weeks of bloody unrest. Ahmadinejad was elected in June, but his opponents said the vote had been rigged and took to the streets in protest. At least 30 people are killed and hundreds are arrested.

How Canadians Are Helping Haiti

In January, the Caribbean country of Haiti is devastated by a powerful earthquake. More than 200,000 people are killed and over a million people are left homeless. Canadians react generously to the calls for help by raising millions of dollars for Haiti relief.

A Deadly Earthquake Devastates Haiti

On January 12, a powerful earthquake strikes Haiti. More than 100,000 people are killed, and about a million others are left homeless. This story looks at Haiti's tragedy, and how Canada and other countries help the survivors.

The Great U.S. Health Care Debate

Shortly after assuming office, U.S. President Barack Obama announces plans to reform his country's health care system. The announcement set off a debate with both sides citing Canada's Medicare system to back up their arguments.

The Copenhagen Climate Change Summit

In December, 192 nations gather in Copenhagen to discuss climate change. The plan was to begin drafting a document to replace the Kyoto Protocol that expires in 2012.

Adoption. Looking for a Baby Abroad

Every year, for a number of reasons, many Canadians adopt children in foreign countries. International adoptions can provide them with the baby they always wanted, but they can also be expensive and frustrating.

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