News in Review: May 2010

K'naan. A Canadian Sings for the World

He was born in the war ravaged African country of Somalia and grew up on the streets of Toronto. Now K'naan is a global singing sensation and his song, Wavin' Flag, is the official song of the 2010 world soccer championship in South Africa. This interview with K'naan explores how his turbulent li...

How Tolerant Are Canadians?

Canada is a multicultural country where people of many races and backgrounds live in harmony together. Most of us are proud of our diversity, and like to think we live in a country where prejudice is not a problem. This video examines how one racist incident shocks a community. It asks pollsters ...

How Canadians Are Helping Haiti

In January, the Caribbean country of Haiti is devastated by a powerful earthquake. More than 200,000 people are killed and over a million people are left homeless. Canadians react generously to the calls for help by raising millions of dollars for Haiti relief.

Parliament and the Detainee Issue

In March, opposition members of Parliament table an explosive motion in the House of Commons. They ask the Speaker of the House to rule that the Conservative government is violating parliamentary privilege, for withholding documents on the treatment of Afghan detainees. Could this trigger a const...

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