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Current Website Version:

Rover is currently running version 3.20.0

Ver. 3.20.0 - Production Release (2020-12-17)

  • (#376) Added a link to IDELLO resources

Ver. 3.19.3 - Production Release (2020-11-18)

  • (375) Fixed an issue where Curio would not load

Ver. 3.19.2 - Production Release (2020-11-02)

Ver. 3.19.1 - Production Release (2020-10-30)

  • Switched the safety care link on REVEL to point to the French version of SafetyCare

Ver. 3.19.0 - Production Release (2020-10-30)

  • (#369) Added ability to login (and out) of ROVER used SAML accounts such as those used by SPS and ADEASK
  • (#358) Added a link to Safety Care resources
  • (#366) Revamped the sharing tool used for grabbing embed codes
  • (#366) Improved the meta data passed to pages like Facebook when sharing ROVER videos
  • (#370) Increased the size of the video popup to make the "Login with you school, division, or education authority account" button more visible
  • (#364) Simplified and improved the reliability of the NFB/Curio links
  • (#366) Modified ROVER embed codes to work (without a BB login) on all MoE OpenLMS (moodle) instances
  • (#372) Changed the entry ID under video screenshots into a link to detailed descriptions (helpful for embeds)

Ver. 3.18.5 - (2020-09-14)

  • Fixed L.I.V.E channel selection not functioning correctly

Ver. 3.18.4 - (2020-08-11)

  • Updated ROVER for compatibility with EDonline changes following August 2020 maintenance.

Ver. 3.18.3 - (2020-07-03)

  • No public-facing changes in this release.

Ver. 3.18.2 - Production Release (2020-03-17)

  • Decreased server load by reducing the frequency of LIVE channel checks

Ver. 3.18.1 - Production Release (2020-03-16)

  • Decreased server load by reducing the frequency of login checks

Ver. 3.18.0 - Production Release (2020-03-13)

  • Increased the length available for video series descriptions
  • Changed the default NFB.ca landing page from /films to /education
  • Added the ability to add keywords/tags to video descriptions

Ver. 3.17.1 - Production Release (2020-03-06)

  • Removed link to Curio/NFB PDFs on home page
  • Updated the coat of arms used for videos without thumbnails

Ver. 3.17.0 - Production Release (2020-02-28)

  • Removed Download to local server functionality for NFB/Curio videos. These videos are still available for streaming through nfb.ca and curio.ca

Ver. 3.16.0 - (2020-02-20)

  • No public-facing changes in this release.

Ver. 3.15.3 - (2020-02-07)

  • No public-facing changes in this release.

Ver. 3.15.2 - (2020-01-31)

  • No public-facing changes in this release.

Ver. 3.15.1 - (2020-01-22)

  • Fixed issues with subtitle support

Ver. 3.15.0 - (2020-01-17)

  • Add the ability to detect subtitle files if there is any

Ver. 3.14.0 - (2019-12-18)

  • Add the ability to search by series description
  • Add the ability to customize the ordering of the search results in a list.

Ver. 3.13.0 - (2019-11-20)

  • Optimize back-end background jobs.

Current Streaming Server Version:

Your streaming server rover-streaming is currently using version: 4.7.3

Ver. 4.7.3 - Production Release (2020-10-30)

  • (#107) Updated IP range used by LLoydminster

Ver. 4.7.2 - Production Release (2020-10-20)

Ver. 4.7.1 - Production Release (2020-05-08)

  • Changed the label for subtitles from "English" to "Closed Captions" as not all captions are in English

Ver. 4.7.0 - Production Release (2020-01-23)

  • Added support for subtitles

Ver. 4.6.0 - Production release (2019-10-28)

Ver. 4.5.0 - Production Release (2019-08-30)

Ver. 4.4.3 - (2019-06-03)

Ver. 4.4.2 - Production Release (2019-05-30)

  • Fixed an issue where some videos with special characters in their file names would not play
  • Renamed the "loop" param to "repeat" on videos
  • Fixed some playback and display issues with Internet Explorer

Ver. 4.4.1 - Production Release (2019-01-17)

  • Fixed an issue where some servers were not receiving video updates

Ver. 4.4.0 - Production Release (2018-12-12)

  • Cached a required software dependency locally in case it is missing on the server

Ver. 4.3.0 - Production Release (2018-11-29)

  • Added fix 14 to create and populate the professional videos directory
  • Added fix 15 to rename videos with outdated filenames
  • Added fix 16 to remove some videos mistakenly added to the protected directory

Ver. 4.2.0 - Production Release (2018-11-23)

  • Added Gitlab CI/CD Configuration
  • Added release information to server api
  • Re-arranged fields in server api
  • Renamed currentversion to commitnumber
  • Added New Lloydminster External IP

Ver. 4.1.0 - Production Release (2018-11-14)

  • Allows for public access (no BB login required) for some videos
  • Code Cleanup
  • Added Fix 13 to remove extra videos from field servers
  • Modified code to look for environment variables to determine if they are in the staging branch, this is future proofing for CI/CD master branch deployments

Ver. 4.0.1 - Production Release (2018-10-02)

  • Fixed issue where 18.04 servers could not receive updates

Ver. 4.0.0 - Production Release (2018-09-24)

  • Fixes to VideoJS Player
  • Fixed issue with video playback on IPad

Ver. 3.5.1 - Production Release (2018-06-22)

  • Fixed an issue where videojs styling was broken in Edge and IE- Fixed several issues regarding video playback via videoJS- Added a "basic" flag to the play video page that forces a raw HTML5 player instead of VideoJS- Modified VideoJS to use a vertical volume bar instead of a horizontal one

Ver. 3.5.0 - Production Release (2018-06-19)

  • Added videoJS for video playback for a more consistent look and feel across devices
  • Added a large play button to the center of the video player, this way if autoplay is blocked by chrome users can easily see how to play a video

Ver. 3.4.0 - Production Release (2018-06-14)

  • Added Teacher Superannuation board IP to auth white-list

Ver. 3.3.0 - Production Release (2018-05-23)

  • Backend Changes

Ver. 3.2.0 - Production Release (2018-05-14)

  • Fixed bug where curio/nfb downloads were not working properly
  • Added PAGC and Harvest City Christian School ips to authentication.rb's whitelisted IPs