Louis Says. Season 1, Episode 2. No Time for Stories/Stick to the Plan

Series: Louis Says
Episode 2A: No Time for Stories - Louis asks Randy to help Mr. Thompson collect the medicinal plant known as rat root. He also tells him bring muskimot (a bag) with him. Randy thinks that muskimot means hiking shoes. He borrows Anne's hiking shoes. The hiking shoes Randy is wearing are too small and his feet begin to hurt. Episode 2B: Stick to the Plan - Louis tells Randy that he needs to deliver kinowacigosa (long wooden sticks) to Mr. Thompson, and cimacigosa (short wooden sticks) to Mr. Charles. Randy begins to wonder which wooden sticks are for Mr. Charles and which ones are for Mr. Thompson. When Randy arrives at Mr. Thompson's house, he finds out that he has brought the wrongs sticks.


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