Louis Says. Season 1, Episode 3. The Big Pie Sale/Colours of the Quilt

Series: Louis Says
Episode 3A: The Big Pie Sale - Louis tells Randy that he has to deliver kuhkithuw (all) the blueberries to Mrs. Charles. Randy picks up only one pail. When Randy arrives to Mrs. Charles' house with one pail of blueberries, she tells him that she's having a pie sale and the one pail of blueberries isn't enough for the number of pies she's going to bake. Episode 3B: Colors of the Quilt - Louis tells Randy he needs to get Mrs. Charles some mihkwêkin (red fabric), sîpihkwêkin (blue fabric), osâwêkin (yellow fabric). Randy doesn't know what those words mean. Randy and Katie mistakenly think that the Cree words Louis told Randy mean red, blue and yellow or orange skirts instead of red, blue and yellow fabric.


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