Louis Says. Season 1, Episode 6. Digging for Dinosaurs/Some Kind of Syrup

Series: Louis Says
Episode 6A: Digging for Dinosaurs - Randy tells Randy that Emily's son wants a dinosaur musinahikan (book). Randy thinks that, since dinosaurs are extinct, Louis wants him to find dinosaur bones. He invites Katie and Anne to help him with the task. The kids start digging for bones, but all they find is a bone that Osky buried. Episode 6B: Some Kind of Syrup - Louis tells Randy to get siwakamisikan (birch syrup) for Mrs. Charles. Randy meets his friend Katie, who tells him that siwakamisikan is a special type of syrup, but he doesn't know exactly which kind. Randy assumes that siwakamisikan means cough syrup. Mrs. Charles almost pours the cough syrup on her pancakes.


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