Louis Says. Season 2, Episode 1. Mixed Salad/Mrs. Charles is a Superhero

Series: Louis Says
Episode 1A: Mixed Salad - Cree Elder Louis asks Randy to take oskâtâskwak (carrots) for their friend Mr. Thompson. He needs them for his salad. However, Randy is not sure what the Cree word means. He devises a plan to figure out what oskâtâskwak means, but not before he confuses carrots with kihci-okiniyak (tomatoes). Episode 1B: Mrs. Charles is a Superhero - Cree Elder Louis asks Randy to take an akohp (blanket) to Mrs. Charles. Randy's friend Katie remembers her grandmother telling her stories about the First People. Her grandmother pointed to a picture of an Aboriginal person wearing a blanket tied around their neck and called it an akoph. Louis and his friend Katie believe an akoph is a cape, something that superheroes might wear!


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