That's Art?! Episode 5: Polly Morgan, Brian Ewing and George Holancin

Series: That's Art?!
This video contains some nudity and images that may be disturbing to some viewers. Educators are advised to preview all video programs before using them in the classroom.
Stuffing a dead bird inside a broken light bulb might seem odd, even perverted or gross. But Polly Morgan makes it strangely beautiful. The world's most provocative taxidermist is taking the art world by storm. When it comes to posters, Brian Ewing is the go-to guy for some of the biggest bands in rock and roll. But you might be surprised to find out he has a background in an even seedier profession. And George Holancin has lived quite a life - from a summer job in a uranium mine to a cover model in the world of high fashion, to welding rusted bits of farm machinery in the family barn.

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