Rene Bibaud's Complete Fundamentals of Rope Jumping

Long a staple in physical education programs, the jump rope is a proven, effective and inexpensive tool. Many physical education teachers, however, struggle with how to get the most from rope jumping. The video will assist educators in: teaching rope jumping through a structured and progressive process; keeping students moving, interested, challenged, and on task; knowing common mistakes to watch for and how to correct them; and effectively teaching eight sets of skills. The video includes the following skills: 1. Single Rope Skills I: basic bounce, side swing, jumping jax, full twist, cross, one-foot hop, jogging step, rope manipulations, pretzel; 2. Single Rope Skills II: helicopter, spread eagle, cossacks, basic push-up, double under, 180 turn, 360 turn, kick and catch; 3. Single Rope Skills III: can-can, skier, bell, scissors, watermelon, Texas star, pretzel cross, front back cross; 4. Freestyle; 5. Partner Work: side-by-side, shared rope, big little; and 6. Long Rope and Double Dutch.