Due to the sensitivity of the topic being discussed, teachers should send a letter home indicating that students will be examining the issue of residential schools in the classroom.
In four days, Shi-shi-etko leaves for residential school. Before she leaves, Shi-shi-etko's mother, father and Yayah share teachings they want her to remember. Shi-shi-etko learns to treasure the world that surrounds her. Yaya gives Shi-shi-etko a small bag made from deer hide and sinew. She tells Shi-shi-etko that the bag is to store memories. Shi-shi-etko carefully collects berries, roots and flowers for her bag of memories. When the truck arrives to pick up Shi-shi-etko, she goes to a giant fir tree, offers tobacco and tucks the memory bag inside its roots. Teachers will need to provide a historical context about residential schools and the impact on First Nations people. This video is a dramatization of the picture book by Nicola I. Campbell and illustrated by Kim LaFave. The book was selected as co-winner for the 2006 Aboriginal Children's Book of the Year, Ânskohk Aboriginal Literary Festival. The video won the 2009 Best Short Drama, Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival and the Best Canadian Short Drama, ImagineNATIVE 2009.