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What Causes an Eating Disorder?

This video explores the individual, family and cultural factors that have been linked to eating disorders. Students will come to understand that eating disorders can be triggered by major life crises such as the death of a loved person, family changes, school problems or personal failures. Viewer...


Nutrition. Myths and Facts

Today's teens are bombarded with confusing messages about nutrition. This program debunks the top 10 nutrition myths and offers solid facts. By using a mix of real interviews with adolescents, humorous fake commercials and interviews with registered dietitians in an actual food lab, teens learn h...


Hidden Plague: Our Modern Epidemic

Filmed in Regina and Saskatoon, this 44-minute documentary features interviews with two doctors who work with AIDS patients, members of community groups that support First Nations people living with HIV/AIDS, Elders, frontline HIV/AIDS workers and people living with HIV/AIDS. This resource is pri...


This Is My Body

Based on short documentary films created by a group of Montreal teenage girls, this program explores the issues of body image, eating disorders, cutting, sexuality, friendship and parenting. The girls share their experiences and offer an uplifting message of hope to other youth.


Say Know to Diets

This program informs viewers of the difference between fad diets and a healthy lifestyle of exercise and nutrition. It discusses the health risks of being overweight, but encourages youth to reject the super thin and often unhealthy, body types displayed in the media.


Think Before You Click: Playing It Safe Online

While the Internet is a place of promise and progress, it is also a place of peril for young teens. Chat rooms, email, sites such as MySpace, and instant messaging allow teens to keep in touch with friends, but also offer the potential for youngsters to be abused in ways they have not considered....


Do You Have an Eating Disorder?

This program helps viewers to understand the seriousness of eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, purging and compulsive exercising. It addresses the causes, warning signs, physical and psychological effects, treatments, and where to go for help. It also offers suggestions f...


Brain Gains: Better Grades Through Fitness

Series: The National
The National visits an inner city high school in Saskatoon, SK, where teacher Allison Cameron tests the theory that vigorous daily exercise improves academic performance. City Park Collegiate is considered a high school of last resort for kids who haven't been able to make it anywhere else. The G...


Abuse. If It Happens to You

This program is designed to help young teens understand that abuse, of all types, is more common than they think and if it happens to them, they need to tell a trusted adult. It examines the different types of abuse that can occur: physical, emotional and sexual, and helps young teens understand ...


Apples and Oranges

This video is set in a classroom where students are engaged in an exercise about bullying, stereotypes and the harmful effects that language can have on people. The students create pictures that portray sensitive situations, such as a young girl who has two moms and two boys whose friendship come...

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