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Emma Lake with Degen Lindner

For more than seventy years University of Saskatchewan's Emma Lake Campus has been a meeting place for artists and thinkers from around the world. Saskatoon painter Degen Lindner invites us to her art studio at Emma Lake where she discusses how her father and nature inspire her artwork. Lindner w...

How the Kids Took Over

This program describes how the shift in family dynamics, with persuasive powers shifting from parent to child, creates a marketer's dream. In today's market, children have a say in how $700 billion is spent each year, making them a powerful consumer group. Big business wants children's attention,...

Nunavut Arctic College, Nunavut

Promising practices within post-secondary systems have been identified at Nunavut Arctic College. The College's mission is to contribute to the development of Nunavut and a prosperous future, rooted in who the people are and who they want to be. It provides support to students in all areas of the...


Okiciyapi Partnership in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

As an example of promising practices within a K-12 system, a partnership between a provincial school division and First Nations/Métis organizations is highlighted. In June 2003, the Saskatoon Public School Division (SPSD) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Saskatoon Tribal Council to e...


Step By Step Child and Family Centre in Kahnawake, Quebec

Promising practices are found within the Step by Step Child and Family Center in Kahnawake, Quebec. Step by Step is a locally controlled, developmentally and culturally appropriate preschool program. The following six components are offered as the core of early learning for FNMI children: languag...


Marianne's Theatre

Accompanied by music, this wordless program takes viewers into the magical world of Co Hoedeman, a master of illusion and lighting wizard. On the stage of a small puppet theatre, set up in the centre of a larger theatre, a hand puppet conjures up three talented acrobats. Performing amazing feats ...

Bread Comes to Life

Through live-action footage, time-lapse photography and animations, Bread Comes to Life tells the story of the sowing, growing, reaping, threshing, milling, mixing, shaping, kneading, rising, baking and breaking of daily bread. Viewers observe the work of a small town baker, visit a large farm, a...

I Can Make Art Like Kai Chan

Series: I Can Make Art
Ontario sculptor Kai Chan discusses his artistic philosophy of economy and repetition with young students. Kai challenges everyone to see the beauty in ordinary things. He has the ability to transform mundane materials into delicate and delightful works of art. Kai guides the students as they bui...

I Can Make Art Like Marcelle Ferron

Series: I Can Make Art
In this program, young students explore the work and life of abstract painter and stained glass maker, Quebec born, Marcelle Ferron. They experiment with the texture and tranparency of cellophane and paint as they create their own art works.

I Can Make Art Like Ron Noganosh

Series: I Can Make Art
Ontario installation artist and sculptor, Ron Noganosh inspires a class of middle level students to turn found objects into art. Students talk about their individual projects and how they feel about art. Includes themes of personal and cultural identity.

F.A.S. When the Children Grow Up

This documentary explores the experiences and challenges of young adults living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Through first person accounts and expert testimonials, the program examines the causes, effects, stigmas, and myths associated with FASD and the factors that can improve th...

I Can Make Art Like Andrew Qappik

Series: I Can Make Art
Andrew Qappik is a world-renowned printmaker from Pangnirtung, Nunavut who was originally inspired by images in the comic books he read as a child. Today, Andrew finds his subjects in the stories, traditions, and day to day events of his world. Andrew captivates his student audience by creating a...

I Can Make Art Like Maud Lewis

Series: I Can Make Art
A class of 16 Grade 6 students learns about the life and work of renowned Nova Scotia folk artist Maud Lewis. Guided by folk artist Kyle Jackson, they create a folk art painting of their own Halifax neighborhood. The power and simple pleasure of folk art is explored.

I Can Make Art Like Emily Carr

Series: I Can Make Art
Emily Carr is one of Canada's most recognized and appreciated artists who was a painter, a writer and a free spirit influenced by the coastal forests of British Columbia and the Northwest Coast First Nations art and culture. In this program, students look at Emily Carr's unusual world and the ins...

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 1, Episode 11. Duk Ha

This modern day Tae Kwon Do warrior envisions the attainment of world peace through a combination of roundhouse kicks, meditation, and a balanced internal foundation. His father arrived in Canada from Korea with $300.00 and a vision to spread Tae Kwon Do in the western world. Now the family owns ...

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