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From the Spirit


Terry McCue

Series: From the Spirit
Self-taught Ojibway painter Terry McCue discusses his inspiration from his cousin Arthur Schilling, his struggle with alcohol, his lack of formal training and his success as an artist.


Roy Henry Vickers

Series: From the Spirit
British Columbia artist, Roy Henry Vickers weeps as he discusses the inspiration he received from his high school art teacher. He goes on to discuss his ancestry, family life and how he combines traditional and contemporary, personal and universal themes in his artwork. He calls the language of a...


Joane Cardinal-Schubert

Series: From the Spirit
Multi-media artist, Joane Cardinal-Schubert discusses and shows how her paintings reflect her strong spirituality and the influence of the traditional First Nations petroglyphs. Joane is of Blackfoot ancestry and she grew up near Red Deer, Alberta. She challenges others to question the lack of ac...


Jim Hart

Series: From the Spirit
Jim Hart, a prominent Haida artist from Queen Charlotte Islands in BC speaks of this work as a carver. Some of Hart's totem poles are on display at the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. He speaks of the influence that his grandfather had on him and his satisfaction wit...


Jane Ash Poitras

Series: From the Spirit
Poitras talks about her childhood, her education, her reunion with her family after growing up in her foster home and her artwork. This artist discusses how she lives part time in reality and part-time in a dream world. Viewers are shown many samples of her work as she speaks.


George Littlechild

Series: From the Spirit
Littlechild discusses his mixed ancestry, his life in foster homes and how his experiences are reflected in his mixed-media paintings. He focuses on his spirituality and reconnection with his ancestral culture.


Daniel Crane

Series: From the Spirit
Entertainer, artist and musician Daniel Crane is from the T'suu T'ina Nation. He discusses his struggle with substance abuse and how the flute helped him to find his spiritual voice and give joy to others.

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