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Get Along Monsters


We All Get Mad Sometimes

What is anger? What gets you angry? What do you do when you get angry? These questions and more are explored in this entertaining program for young learners. Children learn what anger feels like and what happens to their bodies when they get angry. They come to understand that anger can make you ...


8 Ways to Handle Anger (Without Hitting)

In this entertaining and information-packed program children learn that it's okay to feel angry and there are safe and appropriate ways to handle anger. Children learn that recognizing your angry feelings is the first step towards handling anger and that they can be in charge when they're able to...


5 Ways to Work Things Out

Every day, young people face problems with friends, family and schoolmates. This program gives kids five strategies to help them resolve the problems they face in a safe and appropriate way. Children are taught that hitting is not a way to solve a problem and that fights can be avoided when they ...

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