Roll with It, Featuring Laura Hale. Grades 1 & 2

Series: LIVE Arts
Roll with It is a collaborative project that includes all students contributing to the final artwork. The piece organically develops and evolves in response to student creation and composition. Laura explores materials and their transformation. Students consider colour, texture, shape, form and pattern while they develop material techniques. They cut, combine, layer and roll varying sizes of tissue paper strips into paper tubes that are then cut into bead-like lengths. Students then arrange and glue the rolled paper tubes of various sizes and colours in an upright position onto a substrate or surface (plywood or framed canvas) that will eventually hang on the wall in the school. The numerous irregular sized beads in a variety of colours sprout up in different directions, creating an abstract sculptural paper collage. The final artwork brings to mind aerial landscape views, satellite imagery and/or biological and geographical patterns and microscopic cellular formations.