metawe = To Play. Drama with Curtis Peeteetuce. Grades 1 & 2

Series: LIVE Arts
We must continue speaking our Cree language. The revitalization of language and culture are vital to the rebuilding of community. In this workshop, educators and students revisit our mandate for play. Interactive elements include familiarizing ourselves with voice and body as we explore animal play of the Treaty 6 territory. These include bear (maskwa), eagle (kihew) and buffalo (paskwa-mostos). Language is also incorporated from a beginner level. As we choose to listen to the words and meanings of select Cree terms, we begin to understand how language is vital to identity. The workshop culminates in students playing animals and characters in an excerpt from Curtis Peeteetuce's youth play, kiwek, which is inspired by the film Jumanji. A talkback with students allows for post-performance discussion among the students and a chance to share what was learned.