Student First Imperative – Angie Caron

Angie Caron is a Michif woman from Saskatoon and a proud descendent of the historic Métis community of Round Prairie. She is currently the principal at Brownell School in Saskatoon. Prior to this role, she taught in the SUNTEP program at the University of Saskatchewan and worked in a variety of leadership roles in Saskatoon Public Schools.

Angie has represented the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan at the provincial level where she engaged with all Saskatchewan directors of education to help create the Education Sector Strategic Plan for the province. Angie has co-written a children’s book with her dad, Manny’s Memories, and co-authored 27 Métis-specific emergent books with Wilfred Burton for the Taanishi Books series. She is very grateful to the Michif/Métis Elders and community members who continue to share their knowledge with her and support her in her work.

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