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The Sage of Sintaluta. Episode 28

Series: Looking Back
E.A. Partridge sells farmers on his utopian vision of how farming and grain-handling should work.


Chief Whitecap. Episode 27

Series: Looking Back
The Dakota-Sioux Chief is the only Indian leader to be acquitted during the 1885 North-West Rebellion because he had a white witness and friend.


The Birth of Medicare. Episode 26

Series: Looking Back
Saskatchewan doctors go on strike in 1961 to protest the introduction of Medicare.


Factoria. Episode 25

Series: Looking Back
Investors lose a bundle when a proposed industrial mega-park collapses during Saskatoon's real estate bust in 1912.


The Unionist Party. Episode 24

Series: Looking Back
Two Conservative MLAs from Saskatchewan start the province's first separatist party in 1980 giving the movement some fleeting credibility.


The Blizzard of '47. Episode 23

Series: Looking Back
An elderly couple get lost in a snowstorm during the worst blizzard in Saskatchewan history.


Lions of Winter. Episode 22

Series: Looking Back
The Richardson rink of Regina wins the national and international championships in the early 1960s and change the game of curling in the process.


The Fighting Bishop. Episode 21

Series: Looking Back
Anglican Bishop Lloyd, the saviour of the Barr colonists, fights against the immigration of continental Europeans in the late 1920s.


God's Painter. Episode 20

Series: Looking Back
Berthold Imhoff, a German painter, makes an international name for himself by decorating hundreds of Saskatchewan churches. He dies penniless.


Depression Photo. Episode 19

Series: Looking Back
The Fehrs become the poster family for the Depression when their car breaks down in Edmonton on their way home in 1934.


Just Another Victim. Episode 18

Series: Looking Back
University of Saskatchewan President covers up the death of a student from alcohol poisoning by blaming the 1919 flu epidemic.


Murdered by the RCMP. Episode 17

Series: Looking Back
Estevan-area coal miners fight for better working conditions and run head-long into the trigger-happy RCMP.


Charlie's Silver. Episode 16

Series: Looking Back
One of many Gentleman Farmers to settle in Saskatchewan; he amasses the largest private collection of silver in Canada.


Canada's Pin-Up Girl. Episode 15

Series: Looking Back
A Saskatoon woman unknowingly becomes the favourite pin-up girl of Canadian troops fighting in Italy during World War II.


Quong Wing. Episode 14

Series: Looking Back
A Moose Jaw restaurant owner is fined for breaking a law that prohibited Chinese from hiring white women. He fights it all the way to the Supreme Courts.

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