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An Epidemic of Bullets. Episode 13

Series: Looking Back
An epidemic of bullets ordered by the Prime Minister kills off most of the elk in Prince Albert National Park in 1959.

The Reluctant Giant. Episode 12

Series: Looking Back
Édouard Beaupré of Willow Bunch is exploited in life and death because of his extraordinary size.

Sukanen's Dream. Episode 11

Series: Looking Back
A farmer in land-locked Outlook, Saskatchewan builds a ship and plans to sail home to Finland.

An Unlikely Spy. Episode 10

Series: Looking Back
An RCMP undercover agent disguised as a Regina house painter infiltrates the local Communist Party of Canada until his cover is blown.

Almighty Voice. Episode 9

Series: Looking Back
Almighty Voice slaughters a government cow to feed his family in 1895 and becomes one of Canada's most wanted outlaws when he kills a Mountie during his escape.

Damn Dam. Episode 8

Series: Looking Back
Prince Albert is forced into bankruptcy because of an ill-conceived plan to build a massive dam on a nearby river.

White Man's Country. Episode 7

Series: Looking Back
Oklahoma Blacks migrate to Saskatchewan in 1910 only to face the same racism they had been trying to escape.

Moose Jaw's Fly Boys. Episode 6

Series: Looking Back
Visiting pilots to Moose Jaw's British Commonwealth Air Training Plan and local youths riot in 1944 over the attention of local girls.

Saskatoon's Lily. Episode 5

Series: Looking Back
Saskatoon's Ethel Catherwood wins gold at the 1928 Olympics and then turns her back on her sport and her country.

Scott's Secret. Episode 4

Series: Looking Back
Saskatchewan's first premier, Walter Scott, suffers from manic-depression and spends more time out of the country seeking a cure than he does running the province.

Prince Albert Park. Episode 3

Series: Looking Back
Prime Minister Mackenzie King promises to create a national park in exchange for a safe seat in the 1926 election.

Saskatchewan Provincial Police. Episode 2

Series: Looking Back
Saskatchewan has a provincial police force from 1918-1929. Its primary job was to enforce the unpopular prohibition laws.

Stalked by Fate. Episode 1

Series: Looking Back
A British couple misses their passage on the Titanic only to be killed three months later in the 1912 Regina Cyclone.

Residential Schools. Truth and Healing

For more than a hundred years many First Nations children were taken away from their families, and forced to attend residential schools. In 2008, the Canadian government apologizes for the suffering and the abuse many experienced. This video explores the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commi...

Stolen Children

Series: The National
After decades of waiting, Aboriginal Canadians receive a formal apology from the federal government on June 11, 2008. This event in Canadian history recognizes the loss of culture caused by the church-run residential schools that thousands of Aboriginal children were forced to attend. It also ack...

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