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Jazzberries Unplugged. Episode 1

Lars the double-necked guitar needs power to play, but the huge light show Billie has prepared has blown the House of Jam's generator. Featured instrument: double-necked guitar; musical focus: timbre and dynamics/acoustic vs. electric.

Helping Hands. Episode 7

After bragging about her enormous repertoire, Ella is horrified when the Jazzberries select a song she doesn't know for their upcoming show. Featured instrument: player piano; musical focus: repertoire.

Genre Busters. Episode 10

With Louis' mom coming, the Jazzberries prepare to play her favourite song, but when Juan the one-man band keeps suggesting different genres, no one can agree on what might be the best way to play it. Featured instrument: one-man band; musical focus: genres.

Calling All Jazzberries. Episode 4

Louis is shocked when their neighbour, Sal the trumpet, turns down an offer to join the jam and becomes driven to find out the reasons why. Featured instrument: trumpet; musical focus: form - call and response and echo.

Building to a Bang. Episode 8

Krupa must decide whether or not to leave the Jazzberries when he gets an offer to appear as permanent sidekick on Mike the reporter's talk show. Featured instrument: drums; musical focus: crescendo.

Bongo Mania. Episode 5

The Drum Brothers return from a drum swap with another band, but find that the Jazzberries seem to have fallen in love with the Bongo Twins who took their place. Featured instrument: bongos; musical focus: beat and rhythm.

A Royal Pain. Episode 11

Princess Persephone the harp joins the jam, but alienates everyone with her demanding and diva-like ways. Will they get it together in time for their Royal Command Performance or will the Princess end up performing all alone? Featured instrument: harp; musical focus: harmony.

Children First. A Resource for Kindergarten (A Video Introduction)

This video is a general introduction to Children First: A Resource for Kindergarten (2009). This resource supports educators in providing a positive experience for kindergarten children. The resource is set up in such a way that allows educators to connect curriculum outcomes into meaningful asso...


The Outdoor Classroom

In this Saskatchewan Ministry of Education video, parents and school staff discuss the merits and process of an outdoor classroom.


Jubilee Community School Prekindergarten in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

Cori Mee, prekindergarten teacher at Jubilee Community School, highlights the activity areas in the classroom and demonstrates how a range of essential learning experiences are provided for the students. Specific features of the prekindergarten, such as the Family Wall, illustrate how the communi...


Alleykatz Early Learning Centre in Eastend, Saskatchewan. Part 2

In Part 2 of the virtual tour, Deb Fletcher explains how the Centre provides child-directed play and exploration experiences that include hands-on activities and incorporate local resources, such as the white mud clay that is prevalent in the Eastend landscape. The tour also visits the on-site ga...


Alleykatz Early Learning Centre in Eastend, Saskatchewan. Part 1

Deb Fletcher, the Manager of the Alleykatz Learning Centre, provides a virtual tour of the facility in Eastend, a small Saskatchewan town with a population of approximately 600. She highlights the learning areas provided for children and the resources available for play experiences at different a...


A Mother's Earth

Series: Wapos Bay
This award-winning series, produced in Cree, English and French, uses stop-motion animation to portray life in a fictional northern Saskatchewan community. It focuses on issues and events in the lives of children and their supportive families in this traditional Cree community. The adults guide t...

Move to the Beat. Episode 1

The band hurts Ella's feelings when they stage a marching show, forgetting that she has WHEELS! This episode focuses mainly on beat. Secondary emphasis is on singing in unison, tempo, texture and timbre.

Solo on the Slide. Episode 3

Billie prepares a solo to play when her Dad visits, but will he pay attention to her long enough to hear it?

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