Razzberry Jazzberry Jam. Season 2

The Voice of Change. Episode 13

When founding Jazzberry Angie the voice visits, everyone assumes she is coming out of retirement, but they are shocked when she notifies them that they are being kicked out of the House of Jam! Featured instrument: voice; musical focus: timbre.

The Jazzberry Express. Episode 12

When noise from a new trolley line interrupts performances, the Jazzberries want it gone. It was Ella's hard work that brought the trolley, however, and she is not giving it up without a fight. Featured instrument: bell; musical focus: sound waves.

The Disappearing Act. Episode 6

When the Jazzberries each discover they are missing something, suspicion falls on Tesla the theremin, a magician whose specialty is making things disappear. Featured instrument: theremin; musical focus: theme.

The ABCs of Music. Episode 9

Billie struggles to teach Kaz, the kazoo with a short attention span, about music in time for her performance that night. Featured instrument: kazoo; musical focus: standard notation.

Music is Universal. Episode 3

A pair of Alien Castanets inadvertently join the jam after Billie mistakes their spaceship for a disco ball. Buddy makes it his mission to communicate with them, though they speak only by clacking. Featured instrument: castanets; musical focus: music as a universal language.

Mixmaster Flash. Episode 2

RC works to hide the truth from the Jazzberries when Flash the turntables uses a sample from an embarrassing song he had hoped to never hear again. Featured instrument: turntables; musical focus: texture.

Jazzberries Unplugged. Episode 1

Lars the double-necked guitar needs power to play, but the huge light show Billie has prepared has blown the House of Jam's generator. Featured instrument: double-necked guitar; musical focus: timbre and dynamics/acoustic vs. electric.

Helping Hands. Episode 7

After bragging about her enormous repertoire, Ella is horrified when the Jazzberries select a song she doesn't know for their upcoming show. Featured instrument: player piano; musical focus: repertoire.

Genre Busters. Episode 10

With Louis' mom coming, the Jazzberries prepare to play her favourite song, but when Juan the one-man band keeps suggesting different genres, no one can agree on what might be the best way to play it. Featured instrument: one-man band; musical focus: genres.

Calling All Jazzberries. Episode 4

Louis is shocked when their neighbour, Sal the trumpet, turns down an offer to join the jam and becomes driven to find out the reasons why. Featured instrument: trumpet; musical focus: form - call and response and echo.

Building to a Bang. Episode 8

Krupa must decide whether or not to leave the Jazzberries when he gets an offer to appear as permanent sidekick on Mike the reporter's talk show. Featured instrument: drums; musical focus: crescendo.

Bongo Mania. Episode 5

The Drum Brothers return from a drum swap with another band, but find that the Jazzberries seem to have fallen in love with the Bongo Twins who took their place. Featured instrument: bongos; musical focus: beat and rhythm.

A Royal Pain. Episode 11

Princess Persephone the harp joins the jam, but alienates everyone with her demanding and diva-like ways. Will they get it together in time for their Royal Command Performance or will the Princess end up performing all alone? Featured instrument: harp; musical focus: harmony.

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