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From Pole to Pole

Series: Planet Earth
This video program examines the planet as a whole and the factors that shaped its history. Sun and fresh water govern the lives of all plants and animals on Earth and define their habitats. Seasons are created by the tilt of the Earth's orbit to the sun. A polar bear must prepare her cubs for the...


Understanding Adaptation to Specific Habitats

During a dream, Jesse adapts to his environment by growing an extra pair of arms. Jesse and Seka pay one more visit to their wetland where Tabby helps them figure out how species have adapted to living there, how they interrelate and how they depend on this environment for survival.


Sampling the Life Forms in an Urban Wetland

Jesse and Seka learn how to use their senses to help them discover the biodiversity in their wetland. They learn about plot samples, data sheets and start to document everything they see.


Presentation of Findings: Understanding Human Impact

Jesse and Seka prepare and present their findings to members of city council, their teacher and fellow students. They speak about the importance of maintaining wetlands for the many creatures, plants and people that depend on the wetlands.


Identification Practice and Understanding Classification Systems

Jesse dreams of being lost in the woods and starving. When he reaches for some red berries Seka reminds him that they could be poisonous. Jesse and Seka learn about different ways of classifying life forms and discover that classification is something that we do all the time.


Discovering the World of Biodiversity

Jesse and Seka must come up with a science project on biodiversity. They ask for help from Seka's sister, Tabby, a biologist, is surveying the life of a cattail marsh in order to build a case for its preservation.


Classification Practice and Learning About Microorganisms

Jesse wakes up from a nightmare and freaks out when he realizes that his body is host to millions of microorganisms. Jesse and Seka meet a scientist at the wetland who introduces them to the world of slimy algae, useful bacteria and millions of other microorganisms.


The Rockies

Geologists search for clues of massive tectonic shifts that reverberate through the continent, forcing the mountains up out of the plains. Bends and cracks reveal the growth pangs of the mountain building era.


The Great Lakes

This episode tells the story of the changes in the geology and landscape of the vast central area of North America. In recent geologic history, five interconnected freshwater lakes are formed. We explore a long vanished mountain range, the remains of a tropical salt-water sea and trace the story ...


The Canadian Shield

Geologic time has shaped the Canadian Shield into a complex ensemble ranging over millions of square kilometres. The geography of the Shield has been surveyed from North to South, and yet its underground world still leaves much to be explored. The Canadian Shield is one of the last frontiers of h...


The Atlantic Coast

This episode tells the story in three dramatic chapters of how tectonic upheaval pummelled and pounded eastern North America until the shape we recognize today finally emerged. The discovery of fossils provides proof of how North America and Africa were once bound together. Tectonic movement lies...


The Appalachians

From studying the sediment deposits at Anticosti Island, to rebuilding the history of one of the most significant mass extinctions (443 million years ago), scientists are piecing together elements that continue to shape this diverse region. Scientists reveal the fractures in this active earthquak...


Rock Platforms: Study of an Ecosystem

This video explores the interrelationships of organisms within the rock platform ecosystem. It examines the ongoing life cycles within this environment where ocean meets rock and the adaptations of rock platform animals to their habitat. Abiotic and biotic characteristics are discussed, as well a...

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