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Level 20 Social Studies

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Canada and Stranded Canadians

Abousfian Abdelrazic and Suad Hagi Mohamud are two Canadians who shared a common ordeal in two different places. They find themselves in a foreign country and not allowed to come home. This report looks at their stories and why they and others have accused the Canadian government of abandoning it...

Afghanistan's Troubled Election

In late August, Afghans went to the polls to choose a President and members of the provincial council. Canada's troops in that war torn country help provide security so the vote could take place. But the election was marred by violence and voting irregularities.

Asbestos. Canada's Ugly Secret

Asbestos is a mineral that was once widely used in the construction industry. Canada produces about ten percent of the world's supply, but because it can cause severe lung problems, its use in Canada is limited. Instead, most of it is shipped to developing countries. Asbestos sales are helping a ...

Boys, Toys and the Big Blue Marble

In Boys, Toys and the Big Blue Marble, abused and exploited youngsters all over the world speak about their lives. This tough documentary told from the boys' viewpoint is an appraisal of childhoods destroyed by slavery, criminality, war, sexual exploitation and human stupidity.

Beyond Organic: The Vision of Fairview Gardens

Fairview Gardens is a 12-acre organic farm located within an urban centre in California. It has become a model of sustainable food production and community-supported agriculture. This video shows the efforts of Michael Ableman to diversify the farm (including offering educational programs) and to...

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