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In the Name of the King

Series: Pyramid
Through the eyes of one of the conscripted builders, Nakht, the story of the building of the Khufu pyramid, The Great Pyramid at Giza, is told. Through high quality reconstructions and computer generated images, viewers learn about the archaeological evidence in the form of artifacts and writings...


The End of the Aztec Empire

Series: The Aztecs
In 1519, the Spanish Conquistador, Hernán Cortès, sailed from Europe to land in what is now Mexico. Their journey inland was difficult, but they reached the Aztec capital city and met Moctezuma, the Aztec leader who expelled them from the city. In time they returned and overturned the great Aztec...


In Search of the Aztecs

Series: The Aztecs
This program tells the story of the Aztec Empire that flourished in Central America about 500 years ago and its fabulous capital city of Tenochtitlan that is being excavated under the centre of Mexico City. Computer animations show what the city was like and remarkable Aztec artifacts, discovered...


Rock Platforms: Study of an Ecosystem

This video explores the interrelationships of organisms within the rock platform ecosystem. It examines the ongoing life cycles within this environment where ocean meets rock and the adaptations of rock platform animals to their habitat. Abiotic and biotic characteristics are discussed, as well a...


Mechanisms of Evolution

This video looks at evolution - the gradual change that can be seen in a population's genetic composition - from one generation to the next. The three main mechanisms of evolution, genetic drift, mutation and natural selection are discussed. Counters are used to model the process.


Film as Text

This program explores the cinematic techniques used by filmmakers to express the narrative conventions essential to telling a story. Using the film, Caravan, as a reference, this program serves as an introduction to the textual characteristics of a dramatic film, exploring the elements that film ...


The Cell. How It Works

This program highlights the structures and processes of a cell and the functions of the nucleus using animation and photography. Other topics include: differences between plant and animal cells, different types of cells and cell specialization.



Caravan is a short drama about eight year old Saul who is abandoned by his mother at his grandmother's caravan in a deserted caravan park. Through stories that his Gran tells Saul with her playing cards, Gran teaches Saul that he has the choice to change the hand that life has dealt him. Later, S...


Butterflies. Lifecycles and Survival Strategies

This informative documentary uses close up and time-lapse photography to illustrate the details of the life cycle of the butterfly. It also highlights certain survival strategies that help to protect the butterfly at different stages of its development. The program examines egg laying and hatchin...


The Mechanics of Film. Part Two

This program explores the post production phase of the project. In this phase, all the elements created in the pre-production and production phases come together. Post production and marketing, editing, post production sound, music composition, and end credits are part of this phase of the projec...


The Mechanics of Film. Part One

The making of a film is a process that requires a lot of preparation, planning and research. This program goes behind the scenes during the making of the award winning short film, 'Caravan', written, directed and produced by Jennifer Ussi. Through interviews, and footage shot of the working crew,...


Beyond Organic: The Vision of Fairview Gardens

Fairview Gardens is a 12-acre organic farm located within an urban centre in California. It has become a model of sustainable food production and community-supported agriculture. This video shows the efforts of Michael Ableman to diversify the farm (including offering educational programs) and to...


Bread Comes to Life

Through live-action footage, time-lapse photography and animations, Bread Comes to Life tells the story of the sowing, growing, reaping, threshing, milling, mixing, shaping, kneading, rising, baking and breaking of daily bread. Viewers observe the work of a small town baker, visit a large farm, a...


For Love of the Land

For Love of the Land was specially commissioned by Lieutenant Governor Lynda Haverstock as a centennial legacy for the arts in Saskatchewan. This documentary includes interviews with Saskatchewan artists who work in literacy, visual and performing arts. Beautiful scenery is interwoven with fascin...


Wild About Books

Librarian Molly McGrew takes her book mobile to the zoo where she introduces the animals to reading. Molly finds joke books for the hyenas, books in Chinese for the pandas, and waterproof books for the otters. Before long, the animals become voracious readers and they soon begin writing as well. ...

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