News in Review: November 2011

Teen Suicide. Breaking the Silence

Suicide is a major problem in Canada. Every day 10 Canadians take their own lives. Suicide is also the second leading cause of death among teenagers in this country. This program looks at a Canadian school where teenagers are encouraged to talk about their problems before they reach a breaking po...

The Eurozone and the Economic Crisis

For over a year a debt crisis in the European community, or eurozone, is affecting the stability of the world's economic system. In recent months the crisis has reached critical levels and is threatening to plunge the Canadian economy into another recession. This video examines the problem and wh...

Coping with the Stress of Graduation

Going to school for the first time can be a nervous time for many students, but so can graduating. There are academic and financial pressures and sometimes, these can be unbearable. This video looks at the class of 2011 in one Canadian school and at a new program designed to help students cope wi...

Amanda Lindhout's African Journey

Amanda Lindhout is a young Canadian journalist who is held hostage in Somalia for more than a year. This video follows Lindhout as she returns to Africa to try to provide hope to Somali women.

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