All Children Learn Play & Grow: Fostering Inclusive Practices in the Early Years Conference Videos

The All Children Learn Play and Grow conference was a two-day event focusing on inclusive practices in the early years sector that was hosted in both Regina and Saskatoon. Some of the sessions were recorded so they could be made available on an ongoing basis. There are six videos available and each has an accompanying handout to support deeper understanding and knowledge of inclusive practices in early years programs.

Video 6: Todd Wanerman Day 2 Session 2

This video is about one and a half hours in length. The video shares some ideas around routines and transitions as well as exploring the role of the educator in working with children and families. Educators must take an active role in reflection, problem solving and having a positive impact.

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Video 5: Parent Panel

This video is one and a half hours long and feature three moms who share their experiences and perspectives on raising children who are experiencing disability. The observations they share provide a new insight for early years programs.

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Video 4: Breakout Session Sherri Husche–Foote

This video is one and a half hours long and is titled Constructing Community: Meaningful Ways to Develop, Engage, and Maintain Effective Teams and is approximately one and a half hours long. This presentation discusses the importance of expectations and inclusive practices on children, families, ...

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Video 3: Todd Wanerman Day 2 Session 1

This video is one and a half hours in length. This video explores how sensory input, including proprioception and vestibular, can influence children’s behavior and how awareness and intent can have a positive impact on children’s ability to learn.

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Video 2: Todd Wanerman Day 1 Session 1 Part 2

This video is one hour and nine minutes in length. This video begins to explore how to incorporate inclusive practices into an early years program. The video includes some video footage of real life examples from an early learning program.

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Video 1: Todd Wanerman Day 1 Session 1 Part 1

This video is approximately one hour in length and begins to explore beliefs regarding inclusion in the early years including a brief history of education. Reflection of personal views of children and inclusion are encouraged.

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