Level 30 Social Studies

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Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 2, Episode 13. Hazlet

Hazlet Saskatchewan, population 75, should have had its school shut down years ago. Refusing to roll over and die, the residents of this small community in Southern Saskatchewan have worked hard to maintain their school through the creation of an international exchange program. A total of 12 stud...

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 2, Episode 1. Ernesto

EE Burritos is a hot spot for Latin cuisine and culture. A restaurant by day and a dance hall by night, the owner of the business is Ernesto Hernandez. Ernesto is a strong advocate for community development. Over the years Ernesto has rescued several women from Saskatoon's sex trade by giving the...

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 2, Episode 11. Efren

Efren Perreira was born in the Philippines but has lived in Saskatoon for most of his life. Having grown up in a musical family, Ef is currently pursuing his dream to own and operate his own recording studio. His commitment to the environment has informed his idea. Entering a province-wide progra...

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 2, Episode 4. Andy

Andy has lived most of his life in a wheelchair. Although doctors predicted he would be in long-term care all his life, he lives at home with his girlfriend, is working towards the completion of his Master's thesis and is taking in as many live sporting events as possible. Studying models of disa...

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 2, Episode 5. Albert

Albert is a free spirit who works as the Creative Director of one of Canada's leading interactive firms. His sister Linda was recently married, which has given her mother considerable satisfaction knowing that grandchildren are on the horizon. This has put the pressure on Albert. His mother asks ...

Landing: Stories from the Cultural Divide. Season 2, Episode 10. Ajmal

Ajmal and his family came to Canada after fleeing the Mujahideen in 1992. Today, Ajmal is a gifted artist who is working hard to finish grade 12 so that he can study art at university. This dream seems a long way off given his commitment to support his family's cleaning business. Arlene is one of...

Diving for Clues to Canadian History

The fur trade played a large role in the early history of Canada. It opened up the country, created new communities and led to the further exploration of North America. Archaeologists have retrieved many artifacts from places like old trading posts.

The Road to the Winter Games

Canada plays host to the world when the Winter Olympics open in Vancouver. During the Games, the spotlight will be on the athletes. But it has taken years of work by thousands of Canadians to prepare for this event.

Richard Colvin and the Afghan Detainees

In November, a Canadian diplomat triggers a political firestorm on Parliament Hill. Richard Colvin tells a committee that Canadian troops have been handing over prisoners to Afghan authorities, even though the government knew they might be tortured. The government denies it, refuses to hand over ...

The Plane Bomber and Airport Security

On Christmas Day 2009, a Nigerian man allegedly tries to blow up an airliner as it prepares to land in Detroit. The man was subdued by other passengers before he could set off explosive material sewn into his underwear. The incident triggered a security scare at airports all over the world.

Is the Recession Really Over?

It's been just over a year since Canada was hit by the effects of a global recession. More than 350,000 people lost their jobs. Now there are some faint signs of recovery, but is the recession really over?

Parliament and the Election Question

In late September, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff announced that his party would no longer support Stephen Harper's Conservative government. That meant that the minority government could be defeated, unless the NDP or the Bloc Quebecois supported it.

Remembering Canada's War Dead

On November 11th, many Canadians take a moment to remember the soldiers who died fighting for Canada. The main ceremony takes place at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, but many other ceremonies are held across the country.

Canada and the Swine Flu

As the swine flu continues to spread around the world, Canada's healthcare system is stepping up its pandemic preparations. The H1N1 virus first arrives in Canada in the spring and health authorities expect many more cases this winter.

ati-wîcahsin (It's Getting Easier)

In ati-wîhcasin (It's Getting Easier) filmmaker Tessa Desnomie celebrates the life and times of her grandmother, Jane Merasty. Born and raised on the trapline, this Woodlands Cree woman witness's significant changes over her 80 years.

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