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Art Can Change the World. Big Ideas

The big ideas contained in the unit are highlighted: art can open minds, art can evoke emotion and art can convey a message.


Show Don't Tell. Assessment

This video explains how students can be empowered in their learning if they understand how they will be assessed.


Show Don't Tell. Big Ideas

This video highlights key ideas in the unit, including: theatre is collaborative and drama is a method to convey a message.


Problem Solving Portraits. Assessment

This video highlights the types of assessment that are part of this unit, such as: journaling, checklists and various types of rubrics.


Problem Solving Portraits. The Process

Concepts such as how this unit allows students to bond over self-reflection and celebrate their differences are highlighted in this video.


Problem Solving Portraits. Big Ideas

This video describes the themes of the unit, including: artists take risks and using portraits to reveal elements of personality.


Teen Suicide. Breaking the Silence

Suicide is a major problem in Canada. Every day 10 Canadians take their own lives. Suicide is also the second leading cause of death among teenagers in this country. This program looks at a Canadian school where teenagers are encouraged to talk about their problems before they reach a breaking po...


Loonies, Toonies, Credit and Debt: Financial Literacy for Canadian Teens

A concerned teacher stages a financial intervention for some of her students. Through a series of modern and relatable case studies, we explore the balance between needs vs. wants, the Canadian wage system, income tax, deductions, banking and interest, credit card responsibility and some basic in...


City of Gangs: Regina Grapples with Native Gang Problem

Series: W5
W5 looks at the rise of gangs in Regina, and the story of a young Aboriginal man who was murdered, having been caught up in a problem that's seeping from Canada's bigger cities into its smaller communities. The viewers learn about the impact of violence on self, family and community.


Am I Ready? Making Healthy Sexual Decisions

In this true-to-life video, real teenagers and health experts talk frankly about the importance of healthy decision-making when it comes to sexual health. The video addresses the many factors that contribute to a young person's decision to become sexually active or not, beginning with a discussio...



Series: Warriors
In 73 BC, Spartacus was a deserter from the Roman army. After being sold in the slave market, he leads his fellow slaves and gladiators in a bid for freedom. The rebellion was a victory for Spartacus and his men and brought the Roman Empire to the brink of revolution.



Series: Warriors
Napoleon created the biggest Empire since the days of Rome. Napleon's success at the seige of Toulon in 1793 laid the foundation for his rise to absolute power. Napoleon's tactical genius, bravery and ambition at Toulon provides the impetus for victory and for his eventual rise a Emperor of France.


Dances of the First People

A ballet dancer and a ballroom dancer pair up with two powwow dancers at the Kamloops Powwow. Through the visitors' experiences, viewers learn about the steps, songs and regalia, as well as the family atmosphere and friendliness of the First Nations peoples.


Teaching for Numeracy

This video shows educators how to encourage students to learn and develop their numeracy skills. The activities are designed with a clear purpose, helping students to explore and think for themselves, show strategies and gain understanding. Opportunities are presented for students to share their ...


Flexibility for Sports Performance. Extras

This short video includes two video clips, called Sports Specific Flexibility Warm-Ups and Four Principles of Stretching.

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