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Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 2, Episode 1: Luck of the Draw

Paramedics respond to a high-speed car crash, a woman unconscious underneath a bridge and a fentanyl overdose.


Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 1, Episode 6: Rights of Passage

Paramedics response to a heart attack, a woman who strikes her head on the sidewalk and a pair of suicide attempts.


Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 1, Episode 5: Catch Your Breath

Teams respond to a fight between brothers, a COPD patient, an IV drug user with chest pain and a domestic assault.


Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 1, Episode 4: Dangers of the Job

Paramedics respond to a woman overdosing, a bear mace victim, an elderly cancer patient, and a father having uncontrollable seizures.


Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 1, Episode 3: A Matter for Code 8

Teams respond to a heart attack, a car that crashes against road paving equipment and a street musician who is detoxing.


Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 1, Episode 2: A Long Night

Teams respond to a motor vehicle accident, a domestic assault, a young woman using drugs and a highway fatality.


Paramedics. Emergency Response. Season 1, Episode 1 (Pilot)

This is the 44-minute pilot of the half-hour series. It chronicles select EMT teams from Saskatoon's MD Ambulance on calls ranging from minor mishaps to life-threatening situations. The series was initially entitled First Response: Paramedics in the pilot episode.


Bay of Fundy with Thaddeus Holownia

Thaddeus Holownia came to the Bay of Fundy in 1977. As we see some of his photographs, he explains his personal philosophy in capturing the right subject. As he teaches a new generation of photographers, he tells them to be alive and respond to what's in front of them because they would be amazed...


Lake Superior with Michael Belmore

This episode joins artist Michael Belmore along the shore of Lake Superior. He explains the folklore, history and materials that go into his works. People have expressed that they see different things in his work, yet he feels there is always a sense of loneliness and grief in the pieces.


Clayoquot Sound with Fae Logie

Fae Logie walks along the beach of Clayoquot Sound in British Colombia. Her main focus is to express that she is working out of a lived experience. It is more of an attachment to a place with emotional attachment being the key. Her science background in marine biology has become a major influence...


The Searcher, John Chalke

John Chalke explores the Rocky Mountain Foothills in southern Alberta. Viewing some of his past works, he tells us of his education and getting kicked out from art school. As he works in his studio, he discusses making his own pottery equipment and the unique techniques he develops.


The Tolt, the Droke, & the Blasthole Pond River with Marlene Creates

Marlene Creates visits the Blasthole Pond River area. She is part of the St. John's art community in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland. This area is an art lab for her to explore her relationship with the terrain. As she winds her way through the forest, she explains her growing connection with the lan...


Faces in the Land with Dempsey Bob

Dempsey Bob is a Tahltan-Tlingit artist in the Skeena River area of British Columbia. He shares about his youth and his history as an artist. This episode joins him as he works on a piece in the airport while he tells us about the folklore that inspired the work.


In the Pines with Robert Wiens

Visual artist Robert Wiens explores the ancient pine forests of Temagami, Ontario. There is an old growth pine forest at the northern edge, unlike any other place on earth. Viewing his early works, he explains that he started as a sculptor and then moved to wood and drawings. All of his work is c...


The Beaver with Mary Ann Barkhouse

In this episode, sculpture installation artist Mary Ann Barkhouse visits some beaver ponds. After getting to know them since childhood, she chose the beaver as her subject for her work. She explains her use of animals and how the lifecycles of the land and animals are connected. In her studio, as...

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