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Atacama Desert, Chile with Edward Burtynsky

Photographer Edward Burtynsky visits the driest place on earth, the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile. This place is completely devoid of life. He explains how his subject matter evolved from mines to large-format landscapes. Still images etch themselves deeper into our memory because the images t...


Winter with Jeane Fabb

Jeane Fabb is creating a work on a frozen lake in La Macaza. She explains that winter is a time of contemplation and inner hibernation. She relates her history and how her works suggests a deep connection with the land and the human body.


The Laurentians with Luc Beauparlant

This episode visits Luc Beauparlant at his home and studio in La Minerve, Quebec. He tells about the importance of caring for the land and being a "leaver" instead of a "taker." He gathers materials from the forest while explaining the deeper meanings behind his artworks.


Robson Valley with Mathew Wheeler

Photographer Mathew Wheeler discusses his life capturing images of the dramatic landscapes of his youth. His interest in science has influenced his art. Currently, he is taking photographs of the landscape through a lens made of ice.


Hudson Bay Lowlands with Richard Holden

Photographer Richard Holden travels north through Manitoba to the Hudson Bay Lowlands. While he is setting up a shot, he offers his personal insights into photography and what he is trying to capture. The real challenge, as a photographer, is to give some sense that the world is a continuous plac...


Cumberland Delta with Landon Mackenzie

This episode visits the Cumberland Delta with painter, Landon Mackenzie. She explains that she is interested in this landscape on so many levels: historically, geographically and in terms of what we are doing as humans, how we live with it, how we live with the planet. This trip to the delta is a...


Deer Group Islands with Donald Lawrence

One of Donald Lawrence's favorite places is Diana Island of the Deer Group of Islands on the west coast of British Columbia. He is on an aquatic camping trip visiting different landscapes. He started by painting landscapes then moved to installation pieces depicting different ocean-side settings....


Autumn with Reinhard Reitzenstein

This episode travels to the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Preserve to meet up with sculptor Reinhard Reitzenstein. He explains that everything he does has proportional relations relative to the body. He explains his history and his growing interest in the environment. His work has moved through ...


Land of the Little Sticks with Greg Hardy

This episode follows Greg Hardy on the tundra in the Land of the Little Sticks in the Northwest Territories. He gets an overall feel of the landscape by doing some initial sketches. The initial drawings become a memory of his feelings so that it can be transferred to the canvas when he is in the ...


The Forest with Peter Von Tiesenhausen

Peter von Tiesenhausen does not consider himself to be an eco-artist, a land artist or an abstract artist, yet he is all of them by working with whatever comes to mind. In this episode, he constructs various projects using different materials and original techniques. Along the way, he shares his ...


Waterton Lakes National Park with Tom Willock

This episode visits photographer Tom Willock at his family cabin in Waterton Lakes National Park. For many years, he photographed this place in both winter and summer. His interest is in looking at a landscape complete with its flora and fauna and seeing it as an integrated whole.


Great Bear Rainforest with Diana Lynn Thompson

Diana Lynn Thompson explains the importance of making people feel at home and connected with the land that they come from. A recurring theme in her work is ephemerality. She attempts to express this by showing the fragility of things. She is interested in doing art that does no harm.


Une question d'identité

Ce reportage de 21 minutes va à la rencontre de trois artistes autochtones : Samian, Elisapie Isaac et Florent Vollant, qui définissent leurs identités après y avoir longuement réfléchi. « Qui sommes-nous? » est la question qui reste tout aussi présente, surtout quand on porte en soi plusieurs id...


Southern Manitoba Prairie with Colleen Cutschall

This episode joins painter and installation artist, Colleen Cutschall, as she explores the southern Manitoba Prairie. She explains that the goal of her current work is to raise a tipi with a liner that expresses an earthly reflection of the cosmos. She explains that since age 14, she knew she wan...


Pocket Desert with Richard Prince

In the Pocket Desert, just outside of Osoyoos in southern British Columbia, this episode joins sculptor Richard Prince. He explains how he sees the landscape as if it is something that has been intentionally sculpted. He also shares some of his existential philosophy and how it relates to his int...

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