News in Review: February 2010

The Road to the Winter Games

Canada plays host to the world when the Winter Olympics open in Vancouver. During the Games, the spotlight will be on the athletes. But it has taken years of work by thousands of Canadians to prepare for this event.

Richard Colvin and the Afghan Detainees

In November, a Canadian diplomat triggers a political firestorm on Parliament Hill. Richard Colvin tells a committee that Canadian troops have been handing over prisoners to Afghan authorities, even though the government knew they might be tortured. The government denies it, refuses to hand over ...

The Plane Bomber and Airport Security

On Christmas Day 2009, a Nigerian man allegedly tries to blow up an airliner as it prepares to land in Detroit. The man was subdued by other passengers before he could set off explosive material sewn into his underwear. The incident triggered a security scare at airports all over the world.

Canada's Amazing NEPTUNE Project

Although humans have travelled all the way to the moon and back, the bottom of the sea remains largely unexplored. Now some Canadian scientists are doing something about that by placing sensors and cameras on the seabed off Vancouver Island. This story looks at the NEPTUNE Canada project.

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